Via or Direct ?....jumping the queue!

most people pray direct to God and seem to get answered,so what is the benefit or reason for going via - btw only some prayers end we ask this through Jesus Christ your son - twinc

You’ve answered your own question.

They only SEEM to get answered.

In any case, Jesus IS God. Haven’t you heard?

you have mixed yourself up as others seem to have done for if Jesus Christ is God which

you have mixed yourself up as others seem to have done for if Jesus Christ is God which He most assuredly is it does not make sense to go to Him via Him and not direct - come on how disentangle yourself from the web you are weaving - twince

You seem to have trouble remembering your name. In several threads you’ve used twinc, twenc, and now here twince! Seems you are the mixed up person!

God is the community of the Holy Trinity, Thrice in Person, One in Nature.

You cannot “separate” one Person from the other Two.

God is One-not three!

We can’t pray at all, unless God prompts our hearts to do so. We only pray for things because He wants us to.

God urges us in the Bible to pray for each other, to ask each other for help when we need it, and generally to act as a family. So it’s not surprising that He prompts us to ask our older brothers and sisters in the faith to pray for us; it is all part of His school of love. Anyone who is a part of His Body is united to Him; you cannot address any saint in prayer without also addressing Him.

It’s like saying that if you’re behind a wall, and since what I happen to see of you is your hair sticking out, I talk in that direction – that I’d be ignoring you and speaking to your hair. If you told me that I was forbidden to talk to your hair, because that was indirect, and could only address you directly by calling your cellphone, wouldn’t that be a bit ludicrous, when you were really standing right there?

Pray however you like and find fitting. But given how long Christians (and Jews) have been asking for the prayers of the saints, don’t be surprised if you find God nudging you to ask for the prayers of your deceased relatives, who now stand in His presence and serve Him, or for some wise Christian hero who just happens to be dead instead of alive.

When we pray to Jesus, we are praying DIRECTLY to God. Jesus is 100% God, 100% man. Get it? :wink:

Scripture commands us to pray this way.

just as long as not ‘twink’…:eek:…google it…wikipedia

VIA of DIRECT ? We can do both.

  1. In the ‘our Father’ we pray directly to the Father
  2. In John 16:23 we learn of praying to the Father in Jesus’ name, ie, praying through/via Jesus. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.”

Maybe it is but he just got the spelling wrong! :slight_smile:

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