Vial of Pope John Paul II's blood stolen from Italian church

ROME – A relic containing drops of late Pope John Paul II’s blood has been stolen, Italian authorities said Monday.

The vial was stolen from the Church of San Pietro della Ienca in the mountainous Abruzzo region in central Italy on Saturday. Pope John Paul II, who died in 2005, loved to go on skiing holidays in the area.

A relic containing drops of late Pope John Paul II’s blood has been stolen, and Italian police speculate the thieves may want it for satanic rites.


Absolutely horrible.

Wow. It’s like the plot of a Dan Brown novel.

dan brown books are not that good:cool:

Horrible that someone would steal his blood.

But at the same time, I didn’t know His Holiness used to ski. Could you imagine being in the lift line and look up and see the Pope?!?!

I just Googled “Pope John Paul II skiing” and found this article: on Catholic News. Makes me love the late Blessed John Paul II that much more :slight_smile:

But again, horrible that his blood was stolen. :frowning:

Why would someone do this.

It’s not like you can sell it.

Not too hard to imagine. From what I understand he was also a big fan of baseball as well. There is even a video on youtube of The Holy Father taking batting practice at a batting cage!:slight_smile:

Some authorities think that it could be linked to the occult or some satanist.

Here is the church’s website from google translate for reference it has some photos of the break in:

Here is an article from a blog:

This is terrible.

UPDATE from Catholic News Service (CNS): It wasn’t satanists, as an anti-occult group had claimed. The thieves were after the gold. Unfortunately, the relic itself is still missing.

Thanks for the update… I was in Rome when he was beatified. He is so special to me.

Thats good and bad news at the same time I guess.

I’m glad they got the blood of the Holy Father back :slight_smile:

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