Vicar of CHRIST?????


No single vatican thing gets under my skin and appears more blasphemous than this title, seriously someone help me understand how this is NOT blasphemy!!!
Christ is alive! not DEAD!
HE sent the HOLY SPIRIT in His place (that is scriptural)


Hello M!

Blessing to you and your family. If you look at the definition of the word vicar you will see that not only Roman Catholics use it. Some protestant denominations use it too. The bishop of Rome is called Vicar of Christ because he holds the office of Peter the prince of the apostles, which was commissioned to "Feed" the sheeps of the Lord Jesus.

Personally I rather prefer “Pontifisex Maximus”.which translated means “Great builder of bridges”.

In His love…

A Catholic Deacon


how does the title vicar of christ negate the fact that christ is alive?


If you were in any way a sincere questioner, perhaps sensible people would attempt to answer your question. But since you have proven yourself nasty, childish, ignorant and sarcastic, as seen in this thread here:

…Only a fool would waste his time throwing his pearls before you.

No thanks. :tiphat:


there are other people who view this thread who are sincerly curious about the catholic church. some of them have heard lies about our faith and would be influenced by what we write. instead of trying to convince this poster, why not word your post for those who just wander onto this thread.:slight_smile:


There are a few other trolls and lurkers that have the same mean spirit. They seek not to understand, they just throw bombs and then hide. Besides myfavoritemartin, it’s a Catholic thing, you wouldn’t understand.


OK, explain to us the meaning of the term “vicar” and then we’ll show you how it’s not a problem.

Hint, the Holy Spirit is NOT the Vicar of Christ, at least not if you believe in the Trinity.


Here is the definition:

Vicar of Christ:


If someone who wants to understand or define the term differently, that is his problem. :wink:


A vicar is merely a steward not the King himself.

Do you have ministers in your denomination? Why? Can’t you read the Bible for yourself and have Jesus as Savior without one?

Where do you think ministers came from in the first place? From Christ assigning apostles to carry his message to the world. Peter was merely appointed the lead minister to keep the others on the right track.

I see nothing sinister or blasphemous about that. How else would you organize a worldwide organization with millions of members? Let it just run itself? Really, I’m confused as to your difficulty.


1st thing…CATHOLICS I have seen some really MEAN posts in response to this. It doesn’t matter what the OP says, it’s not okay to do that. Remember what the bible says!

1 Peter 3:15 “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect”

and Eph. 4:2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Philippians 4:5 Let your gentleness be evident to all.

OP: Vicar of Christ is an english word that falls short of a good description. Catholics teach that when Jesus asked Peter to “feed his sheep” and explained Peter as the rock on which he will build his church, Peter had a specific role to be a representative of christ here on earth. This doesn’t negate the holy spirit (since we couldn’t have a pope without the guidance of the holy spirit) or the fact Jesus is alive. Jesus CAN represent himself, but for some reason he chose to ask Peter to do this.


You should be more offended by “The Vicar of Dibley” than “The Vicar of Christ”…


Boy, it doesn’t take much to get you in a tizzy. There is nothing wrong with Vicar of Christ. That is what our Beloved Pope Benedict is. Deal with it. It has nothing to do with whether Christ is not dead.:shrug:


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I don’t see what should be getting under your skin…



When Jesus gave St. Peter the keys and when He entrusted His flock to St. Peter, He gave Peter a vicarship. The Successors of St. Peter shepherd Jesus’ flock in His name and by His authority.

It’s the opposite of blasphemous–the title acknowledges who is the supreme source and possessor of the authority–Jesus Christ. The Pope can’t govern according to his whim–his authority is not boundless–but rather He is completely subject to Jesus Christ and dependent on Him.


Jesus ask Peter to lead the flock. Somewhere in the Bible it says something like “if they hear you they hear me (or something)” which I believe is what Peter is doing. If the flock listens to Peter, they listen to Christ. The Pope through succession takes place when Peter died. And Peter took place when Jesus told him to on earth. So all this is because of Jesus Christ. When we listen to the Pope, we hear Jesus. We hear because he guides the flock which Jesus told him to do.

I hope that makes sense. Also, I don’t think Christ would tell Peter to guide the flock if he wanted an invisible Church. True or not?

My 2 cents :slight_smile:


Another title for the Pope is servant of servants…one way to see the Pope is Christ’s foremost servant on Earth. This means he in fact has to answer to Christ’s tribunal at judgement far more than anyone else.


Actually, it is “Pontifex Maximus” and it means greatest bridge-builder or path-maker.


Actually Christ sent the HOly spirit for the inspiration, protection, and guidance of the church. If the holy spirit was sent IN his place, then you would be confounding the second and third persons of the trinity and blurring the role each person plays in the church. Your statement is inaccurate, inarticulate and wrong.

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