Vicar of the Son of God = 666?


After mass this past Sunday a little book called “National Sunday Law” was found on all the cars…a quick read told me it was anti Catholic. Had the ususual “Papacy invented in 500 a.d after the decline of Rome” “Catholic Churh is whore of Babylon” etc. but two things bugged me the most because i did not know the answer. One, the author is against worshipping on Sunday since it is not THE sabbath in the Bible. He wants the original Sabbath observed. Second. He writes that the “Papal mitre” which says Vicar of the Son of God or something like that equals 666, since adding all the numerical values of the original Latin equals 666. how do i refute that? Thanks and God Bless :thumbsup:


Christian observance of the third commandment is fulfilled on Sunday, the Lord’s Day.

“Sunday is expressly distinguished from the sabbath which it follows chronologically every week; for Christians its ceremonial observance replaces that of the sabbath. In Christ’s Passover, Sunday fulfills the spiritual truth of the Jewish sabbath and announces man’s eternal rest in God. For worship under the Law prepared for the mystery of Christ, and what was done there prefigured some aspects of Christ:

“Those who lived according to the old order of things have come to a new hope, no longer keeping the sabbath, but the Lord’s Day, in which our life is blessed by him and by his death.

“The celebration of Sunday observes the moral commandment inscribed by nature in the human heart to render to God an outward, visible, public, and regular worship “as a sign of his universal beneficence to all.” Sunday worship fulfills the moral command of the Old Covenant, taking up its rhythm and spirit in the weekly celebration of the Creator and Redeemer of his people. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2175-2176)

For more on this see *Sabbath or Sunday *.

Regarding “adding all the numerical values of the original Latin equals 666”, see Karl Keating’s September 30, 2003 E-letter for an interesting response.

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