Vicarius filii dei & Daniel 9:26

I’m sure you have heard this same song and dance from Anti-Catholics before about vicarius filii dei = 666

I know that it isn’t an official title for the pope however, my question has to do with the following site.


Can someone shed more light on the Dei Filii Vicarius in the following document?
does it refer to the pope etc.

some Anti-Catholics interpret Daniel 9:26 to mean that since the Roman’s destroyed the temple then the Catholic church is the continuation of the Roman empire and thus the pope is the “Final Anti-Christ”

I’m not having much luck finding anything on the web to refute this biblical interpretation.

Did you know the founding prophet of the Seventh Day Adventist, Ellen G. White, name correspond to Roman numerals 666? This is nothing but silly Protestant conspiracy theories mostly perpetuated by groups like the SDA.

Dear Sloth,

The link you have posted to is from the Vatican’s official website.

It is simply an apostolic constitution from the reign of Blessed Paul VI, in Latin, referring to (as far as I can see) the administration of an apostolic prefecture.

If someone’s Latin is better than mine, they could tell you exactly what it was about.

Hardly a smoking gun of any sort. :slight_smile:

This hogwash has been set forth on here more times than anyone can imagine so here’s some links that should lay it to rest for you.
Start with…Anti-Catholic Whoppers

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Enjoy…and quit reading crazy and listening to ignorant people who are so easily deceived. Then do 3 things:

*]Live a good Catholic life
*]Read your Bible and the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church


Thank you for the great links.

Simply reading that verse should reveal the tremendous amount of eisegesis such an interpretation necessitates, or at best that there are several other verses they need to use to try to argue this point. Tell them to stop giving you their human traditions, but rather to clearly and reasonably exegete the Word of God.

And a human tradition it is! When a particular group of Christians has to contradict centuries of Christianity, they necessarily require an explanation as to why Christianity, while being true and divine, nonetheless got so many things so very wrong for such a long period. Enter the Antichrist in the form of the Pope!

But the fact that a rupture from common teaching requires an Antichrist by no means implies that this teaching is derived from Scripture. When a particular Protestant assumes this doctrine as true, then of course they can find things in the Holy Bible that they will use as prooftexts. But call them out on their exegesis, help them to remove the presuppositions they bring to the text because their traditions require it.

Here’s some more information:

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