VICE News Video of Assyrian Christians in Erbil, Iraq


Very moved by the faith of some of these Christians. Watch from about the 5 minute mark if you don’t want to watch the whole thing.

I hope they’re okay. :frowning:


The situation in Iraq is terrible. All these rich people sitting around in their mansions and on their yachts while doing little to nothing should round up a bunch of young men willing to help extract Christians and Yazidis (good time to witness to them anyways - they are not Satan worshipers; just confused about the status of Satan) from Iraq and go DO IT. Get them out of there unharmed. I would go if someone would pay for me to help do it.

Shias, on the other hand, need to make their way to Baghdad to defend it from Baghdadi (can you believe that is actually the guy’s name? Talk about irony. Has to be pre-planned).

Edit to add: just realized Baghdadi means “from Baghdad” in Arabic. Well, it is less ironic now that I know that.


Do VICE News videos include graphic content?


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