In your opinion, does everyone struggle with some sort of vice? I’m talking about something that takes a LOT of effort to restrain from, or are some people blessed and don’t have struggles with vice? If you have no struggle, do you find that you have more energy and focus to spend it on helping others?

In my own case, the struggle leaves me sapped.

I would think eneryone has an issue that they struggle with, but it is the question of whether or not they let this issue control who they are.
I have my own vices and at times they can take hold of me, and I have to step back, re-collect and move on.


Everyone is fighting a battle, so be kind and pray for everyone.

try taking the vices one at a time (depending on what they are of course). When I started attending Mass a year ago I had a real trash mouth. I confessed that as sin, repented, and took care of that vice 99.9%. The words I say now are gosh, darn, etc. I did say a bad word a number of time when I totalled my Tahoe, but I did not say God’s name in a profane manner or anything like that.

Then I had to take care of some other vices and I’ve done that.

And now God is working with me on a BIG vow I made to him in 1985. With God’s strength, prayer, rosary, adoration, Divine Office, and extra Masses, I’ll be taking care of that one now…

Sooooooooooooooooooooo wonder what else in my heart I need to clean up next?

Try taking out the worst ones and/or take them all out at once. Write it out in a prayer of turning it over to God. Write down the time to the date, hour, minute, and second you gave that vice to God, and then don’t commit it anymore.

Talking to the priest about it when confessing will help also.

These are from the Cathechism of the Catholic Church:

**978 "When we made our first profession of faith while receiving the holy Baptism that cleansed us, the forgiveness we received then was so full and complete that there remained in us absolutely nothing left to efface, neither original sin nor offenses committed by our own will, nor was there left any penalty to suffer in order to expiate them. . . . Yet the grace of Baptism delivers no one from all the weakness of nature. On the contrary, we must still combat the movements of concupiscence that never cease leading us into evil "523

1426 Conversion to Christ, the new birth of Baptism, the gift of the Holy Spirit and the Body and Blood of Christ received as food have made us “holy and without blemish,” just as the Church herself, the Bride of Christ, is "holy and without blemish."13 Nevertheless the new life received in Christian initiation has not abolished the frailty and weakness of human nature, nor the inclination to sin that tradition calls concupiscence, which remains in the baptized such that with the help of the grace of Christ they may prove themselves in the struggle of Christian life.14 This is the struggle of conversion directed toward holiness and eternal life to which the Lord never ceases to call us.15

2520 Baptism confers on its recipient the grace of purification from all sins. But the baptized must continue to struggle against concupiscence of the flesh and disordered desires. With God’s grace he will prevail

Dear friend

Apparently those who become saints can struggle and some don’t struggle and they don’t sin ( venial ) much or at all. It’s a lot of hard work to get there when you read about the saints though. But they did pretty much overcome sin.

God bless:thumbsup: :slight_smile:

At the same time, where the devil might simply tempt us to sin, he would tempt them to sin by discouraging them, and frequently, by physically abusing them. Some were quite frail and sickly.

Point being, everyone has a cross to bear, now whether that’s a temptation to vice or not, I don’t know. I suppose it some way it must be…Think! Even when we’ve conquered our bad habits, how easily we might fall into another sin, Pride!

Dear friend
Good points. A man told me long ago that you can become proud of your humility. Where does it end? God bless:)

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