Victim soul question


If one was a victim soul, how would you know? Then the next question, If you were a victim soul, how would you get rid of it?

I’ve been told that this might be something to consider. I dont choose this and do not want this to be my lot. I’ve had enough of whatever this is. so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You need to sit down and figure out what is wrong in your life, how it happened and how to fix it.



If you are suffering physically then you need to consult your physician for healing!

Yes, we should all try and bear our crosses; yet If you feel overwhelmed spiritually, please contact your parish Priest or Deacon. Call your parish right away and make an appointment. It seems you could use with some personal guidance. I will pray for you.



People don’t just become “victim souls” against their will. They choose it. They are often chronically ill or disabled people who are stuck suffering and want to use that suffering in a positive way. They also feel called by God to offer their suffering in that way.

Having a bunch of negative stuff happen in your life does not mean that you are automatically a victim soul, nor is it required that you become a victim soul if you don’t feel God is calling you to do that. Plus, if you’re not chronically ill/ in pain/ disabled, it might be better to try to fix negative things in your life and discern what God is really calling you to do.



Thank you, I ask the question only because it has been suggested that this might be something to consider. I dont want this to be something I need to deal with just like I dont want to have a physical ailment. But I simply cant dismiss this as a possibility given the things that have occurred. I’m a poor excuse for a catholic and I’m ok with that.
My beliefs do not follow the normal doctrine and I have a hard time reconciling the sins of the church with my own beliefs of what is good and just. But catholic I am… so if the collective wisdom is this is not my issue… even though deacons have said it was something to consider… Amen.



The deacon is probably trying to help you find some meaning or way of positively using any suffering you have. You should be able to just offer up your suffering without having to become a victim soul, though. It’s like how you can pray for Mary’s help without needing to do the Total Consecration to Mary.

Pray to Jesus and ask him to show you how best to deal with your situation. And of course you can pray for help, a cure, etc as long as you realize that might not be God’s will.

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Hi Mark

Have a read of “the way of Divine love “ by St Josefa Menendez. St Josefa was a victim soul. The salvation of each and every soul comes at a price. Our Lord would appear to St Josefa and reveal to her that a particular person was in danger of eternal damnation. He would ask her if she would be prepared to do whatever it required for that soul to be saved. Often it involved much suffering and prayer on St Josefa’s part. The Lord would often reveal to St Josefa that as a result of her suffering and prayers that soul had been saved from perdition. If you are regularly praying for the conversion of poor sinners then it might be that your sufferings are the price required for that soul’s salvation. Needless to say it is a great work of spiritual mercy to pray and suffer for the conversion and salvation of souls.



Of all human experiences, suffering is perhaps the most difficult to come to grips with. Every person who has ever lived has suffered, yet our Catholic faith teaches the absolute and eternal value of suffering.

One caution here is not to focus on the sins of other members of the Church! It does not matter if it is the one next to you, or the Pope! They answer for their individual sins and the Church does not teach sin! All of the media attention to this current problem, as horrible as it is, risks destroying the faith of many believers. It is a red herring, and seeks to distract us from our relationship with God.

Rather, we need to focus solely on our relationship with God, and doing what is pleasing to Him - even if it involves suffering. Especially if it involves suffering. For, it is in suffering that we are most closely bonded to Christ the suffering Servant. Being parts of His Mystical Body, we can offer our suffering to the Father for our own benefit, or even better, for the benefit of others - whether living or in purgatory. Think of your departed parents or grandparents for example.

Now, as to being a victim soul, that is a very precise, specialized and limited status. Some are indeed called to this as they have been equipped for the role. In my case, it was very suddenly revealed to me in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. I inexplicably asked to bear the suffering of a fellow parishioner and it was granted to me. However, it is best to seek spiritual direction as the suffering may be great.

As to suffering in general, two books come to mind: Making Sense out of Suffering by Prof. Peter Kreeft and Arise from Darkness by Fr. Benedict Groeschel(†). Both are great aids in understanding and dealing with suffering.

As radical as it sounds, we are called to accept, even enjoy suffering for our love oi God. The great mystics such as Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross have taught us this. More recently, we have the example of Saint André Bessette:

Many came to him with their illnesses and problems. As more and more people learned about him he would spend eight to ten hours a day with those who needed spiritual healing and support. He became so well known that secretaries had to be assigned to answer the 80,000 letters he received annually. When people came to ask him for a cure, he would tell them to first thank God for their suffering because it was so valuable.



I’ve had the same dream about this, since I was very very young, the result is always the same. I end up screwed.
My dream always starts off the same, its been the same since I was 6. in the dream, I’m on a hill, its sandy, it could be a desert. next to me, is who I understand to be satan, down below is a chain gang and on this chain gang are my brothers, the entity speaks to me and offers to allow me to take their place, as a kid, I do and I take there place sometimes… the dream ends with me taking there place and my siblings going free. usually it ends with me walking into the cave. nothing big… nothing horrible…

When I don’t I get to see how they suffer… often more terrifying…

Now here’s where it gets weird, I’ve gone down some very dark paths and made it out the other side, but during those times I’ve had people that have met me along the way and given me a very consistent message… the first when I was a teenager. he gave me a ride home, then talked with me and told me I was only going to be given 3 chances. what happens after this, the person has never said. but , when I went to college I met another person, he was my second chance, this was a different guy and nearly a thousand miles away.

I’ve been clean, sober and healthy for almost a decade and guess what… the lights are turning off and on by themselves, fans are turning on by themselves, tea pots are turning themselves on and off and other people are noting that its weird (trust me if it was just me, I’d be up for a declaration of crazy) yesterday a colleague looked at my screen while I worked and noted that its weird that the buttons seem to pressing themselves on the screen. honestly wtf?

When I was trying to get clean/sober, I tried faith and it failed me and this is where I heard about this catholic victim soul crap. so, I’ve done all the right things, fought the internal battles and survived circumstances that are two numerous to mention. when I go to AA meetings, I don’t have others, I’ve never heard my story told in an AA meeting and I suspect I never will, it was that bad and I made it to the other side.

It may be selfish, but if God requires suffering perhaps he should find someone who hasn’t suffered, who is willing to endure this, I’ve had enough and what he asks is too much. I fight daily to turn away from the darkness, I know I’m sentenced to hell (and I know this is my unforgivable sin) . why? because I’ve taken life. but I live in peace and have paid for my sins with the courts of man. I work daily to let others know that there is a way out of the trap of addiction, that there is a better way. I’ve done this for a long time… is this not enough? sentence me yes, but its enough already.



I have prayed for you & will pray again. Do you have any specific intentions you would like me to pray for?



Intentions? Only this, Peace.



I know someone on that path. Their life isn’t smooth, for sure. :slight_smile: But it was something that the person consciously agreed to do. It was something they could either accept or reject.

They’re not physically capable of discussing it with just anyone they feel like talking to. When I asked them a few questions-- along the lines of, “Uh, are you a victim soul?” and they’re like “Yeah-- blahhhhhhhh”, they were kind of surprised that they were able to open up about it. In other words, there’s something inside them that prevents them from discussing it conversationally with just anyone. This also complicates situations when they deal with priests or bishops or stuff, and they’re not able to thoroughly explain what’s going on. Which is another layer of penance, I expect-- not having the respect/understanding of your priest or bishop, because they’re not allowed to know the big picture, and not being able to explain yourself, and not only having to suffer, but having to suffer in extreme humility… :stuck_out_tongue:

You can casually offer your suffering on someone else’s behalf-- whether you deal with chronic illness, or just a minor inconvenience. But to be a “real” victim soul in the truest sense of the word-- like St Gemma or someone-- it’s a conscious decision that the individual embraces at a distinct moment, and colors their actions in the future-- very probably for the rest of their lives.

As for your situation— I couldn’t make a guess. :frowning: It sounds a bit like something unpleasant has got a residual claim on you, and you need to give someone better a better claim on you. Continue working hard to rescue others from addiction; that’s always a good start. Helping others without expecting them to be able to reciprocate in any meaningful way is also a good start.

I hope you find what you’re looking for.



No. You are not sentenced to hell. Our God is a merciful God who forgives the repentant. King David killed a man to take away his wife. The price he paid was that the son they had together was taken. David repented and was called a man after God’s heart. Read the Psalms. David wrote the majority of them. You will read about his suffering. You will read about his joy. Be someone after God’s heart.



Hi Mark

First off, please don’t think you are sentenced to hell. That is not true. No matter what sin you may have committed, it can and will be forgiven by God in confession. There is no sin so big that God cannot or will not forgive. As long as you have breath in your body you can be forgiven.

For all of us, avoiding the darkness and staying in the light is a daily battle. We must commit to ongoing conversion daily. We are fallen, broken creatures. But Jesus has redeemed us. We just need to do our part and cooperate with Him. Living a sacramental and Eucharistic life. Fill yourself with Jesus who is the light and He will quench the darkness. Of our own strength and resources we cannot do this. That is why we need to turn to and depend totally on Jesus. Only He has the strength to free us and He freely lends us His strength in our battle with Satan.

The incidents you describe with electronic happenings, lights, computers etc sound demonic in origin to me. Often these seem to coincide with when we seek to move closer to God. Yes these occurrences are scary but the Saints describe them as ‘parlour tricks’ of the devil to scare and discourage us and to wear us down.

Arm yourself with properly blessed sacramentals, miraculous medal, St Benedict medal, Holy water, rosary, scapular and try going to mass as often in the week as possible coupled with Eucharistic Adoration and fortnightly confession. Pray the rosary.

Accept any suffering as a blessing as it is a share in the cross of Our Lord. Jesus will never give us more than we can bear.

You can do this!


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And thank you, thank you for the work you do to help the addicted. I have some addicted/recovering people among my relatives, so I understand how important is the work you do​:slightly_smiling_face::heart::innocent:

I’m going to add my 2cents to the chorus of voices.
Please do not despair. You’ve been through an awful time. Our emotions sometimes confuse reality with our imagination.
You need healing for yourself.
I wish I had a word of wisdom for you to “make it all better”, but all I have is to remember you in my prayers for grace and healing on your journey.


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