Victims of Communism cannot even have a Monument in Ottawa

I was just reminded of this today while watching the Michael Coren show on Canadian T.V. He’s a Roman Catholic and quite intelligent and he was absolutely and rightfully aghast that Canada’s bureaucracy was reluctant to allow the erection of a Memorial to the Victims of Communism in our capital city (even though our Prime Minister supports it), because it might offend communists. Coren stated the obvious when he asserted that nobody in the West would object to a Memorial to the Victims of Nazism for fear of insulting Nazis. But here it is, right in your face, further confirmation that Communism to many still seems like the good totalitarianism in the face of the absolute evil of Nazism. Unbelievable. Coren, who is of Jewish background, always recounts that his family was Jewish enough to be erased in the Holocaust. And one should never forget that unspeakable Horror and Genocide committed on world Jewry.

But why this absolute lack of any sort of ability in some to recognize the evil of Communism and the 100 million or so laid at its doorstep last century, as Coren argued today?

It all started like this.

Three years ago, Jason Kenney – then secretary of state for multiculturalism, now federal Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism – says he met with the Czech and Slovak Association, who brought him to a small memorial for communism’s victims they had built in a private Toronto park. It was a Christ-like figure crucified on a hammer and sickle. “I said to them, sort of half jokingly, ‘Any chance we could move this to Ottawa as a national monument?’” he recalls. “They said, ‘That’s a brilliant idea, why don’t we do that? Why don’t we create a monument for the victims of Communism in Ottawa?’ And we immediately got to work.”

He approached the Prime Minister and found enthusiastic endorsement there, too. Stephen Harper’s response to Mr. Kenney, in a letter last year: “I would strongly support the idea of such a monument to recognize the 100 million people who died violent deaths under communist regimes, as well as those who escaped these totalitarian regimes to build new lives in Canada.” He suggested it belonged near Ottawa’s war museum, “ideally” to be unveiled in time for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this November.

Then this.

Plans for a monument on Parliament Hill to honour the estimated 100 million or so innocent men, women and children killed at the hands of Communist regimes around the world, on the other hand, have hit a snag, with the NCC worried that a “Memorial to the Victims of Totalitarian Communism” risks giving offence to communists.

This capacity for selective morality on the part of many in the West just reveals the apathy and ignorance of what countless nations had to endure last century, and heaven forbid one should point to the evil done by Communism as being in the same league as the evil done by Nazism. Both were as close to evil as one could get in modern society, just that the former didn’t lose a hot war and was able to self-destruct eventually while the latter self-immolated in a rage of hatred and iniquity, almost taking the Jewish people down with it (Thanks to God it didn’t).

I always thought both totalitarian systems were morally similar. Nazism surely spouted venom more ferociously in a smaller time-frame but communism could disguise itself in beguiling universalist language which made it, perhaps, in the end, slightly less evil (as if this can ever be exactly quantified) but more dangerous because of the sheer mass of Western fellow-travellers and intelligentsia and traitors (the Cambridge 5) who fell under its spell (note to Eric Hobsbawm in England, that champagne communist who enjoyed his spells with the English upper class but still yearns personally for the dream of Red October even if 20 million should have perished).

I truly wish in the future that the world will come to recognize the evil of Communism to the degree it has now of Nazism. May the Victims of Both be Eternally Remembered!

Seriously?:mad: They don’t wish to offend communists? sigh… Maybe 12 million dead means nothing to them

Thanks for the support ljubim. Somebody out there heard my call. God Bless. :slight_smile:

a few thoughts ;

Rumor and self-aggrandizing myth fly around the world , and become set in concrete, before reasonably accurate fact even gets its pants on.
why is this ? Well I have just indicated self-serving emotional and practical motives. And certainly it is easier to dash off a pretty fiction than it is to write a fair history.

I would say that every age has its popular conceits and its popular hatreds, and as long as the powers that be and an acquiescent general public can afford to maintain these favorite focuses of sadism they are guarded tooth and nail with every devious, immoral , shockingly indecent behavior one can imagine, or cant imagine.

And when the status quo falls … then it merely becomes the interest of history buffs ( and unfortunately professional scholars on the make. ) . Who really cares whether Caligula was an insane tyrant, or just an inept toy of fate who was the victim of Claudian atrocity propaganda ?

Just to throw out one example ; It’s been OVER 200 YEARS since the American revolution, and I have yet to see a single history that says SIMPLY Thomas Hutchinson, – when his letters are not heavily doctored – is quite as eloquent as any of the rebels .
And Lord North, if not eloquent, at least seems well-meaningly restrained .
The rebels appear to be greedy, petty, little thug proto-Bolsheviks. With the spirit, if not the letter, of future trends in their hearts.
" Rebel " ; there’s a really kind word. almost any notable on the rebel side had once been on the crown payroll, had sworn oaths to the crown. But oh, this is not clear-cut treason worthy of Mr. Quisling. Some great transcendent historical Epiphany makes it all not only ok, but morally edifying.
( sounds like the typical Bolshevik excuse doesn’t it ? Irresistible historical trends excuse or even reverse morality, or just basic common law. )
Or the larger issues ; is it really such a sin to call a peasant a peasant ?
Is it heresy to ask , is a peasant really not still , despite all these flowery essays, basically a powerless peasant?
Oh, is peeing into a cup to get a job the dignity of a free man ? :rolleyes:
There is always that final – and admittedly effective – justification ( which the Bolsheviks, like the republicans, constantly fall back on ; " we are soo much better off than we were ! " It is effective because it is an impossible to disprove positive. Anyone who could actually make such a comparison from experience is either safely in exile, safely in the drooling stage in a nursing home, or wait long enough, long dead.

debateable points all of these to be sure. But my point is you still see little such in print, after 200 years. There is still an emotional investment in these 200 year old events, and too many scholars, who want to hang on to their university chairs, in the pay of those with such an investment. .

As for the communist Genocide, well, any student of communist history should be able in a second to recognize at least one source of this curious reticence.
The Communists themselves have repeatedly admitted, joked, boasted, that every time The Bolshevik ship was in danger of sinking ---- THE REPUBLICS BAILED THEM OUT.

I’m not psychic, so I cannot foresee a time when that particular point will be addressed squarely, along with all its ramifications.
All I can foresee is that a time will come, as the commandant of Buchenwald ( ? ) once said, when nobody will care. :frowning:

Except God, who will correct all things. :slight_smile:

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