Victim's son objects as Texas sets execution in hate crime death

(Reuters) - As Texas prepares to execute one of his father’s killers, Ross Byrd hopes the state shows the man the mercy his father, James Byrd Jr., never got when he was dragged behind a truck to his death.

“You can’t fight murder with murder,” Ross Byrd, 32, told Reuters late Tuesday, the night before Wednesday’s scheduled execution of Lawrence Russell Brewer for one of the most notorious hate crimes in modern times.

“Life in prison would have been fine. I know he can’t hurt my daddy anymore. I wish the state would take in mind that this isn’t what we want.”

Brewer is scheduled to die by lethal injection after 6 p.m. local time in Huntsville, Texas.

The “other” execution today. I thought it was interesting that there were no threads on this (at least that I could find).

I was almost moved to tears by the Christlike example of mercy and forgiveness on the part of James Byrd’s son.

Praying for the souls of both to be executed, as well as those who were killed.

Killing people who kill people makes as much sense as raping rapists.

Let us pray for their souls, that they repent of any and all sins committed and are welcomed into the Kingdom of God.

White Supremacist Executed for Texas Dragging

Yes, I heard. :signofcross: My prayers for his soul and that of James Byrd, as well as both families. I remember when the murder was committed; it was a particularly dark chapter in my state’s history which I hope is not revisited.

One less disgusting monster in the world. Justice has been served. God bless Texas.

I guess Ross Byrd didn’t see it that way.

I’m not getting into an argument with you. This thread was about Byrd’s ability to forgive and ask for mercy on behalf of his father’s killer, so I don’t know what the purpose of your comment was.
Good day.

let he without sin cast the first stone,

As for the “monster” - Who knows, perhaps in this man’s last moments on this earth he found Jesus, just as the thief who was crucified next to Christ did.

I believe that JPII was right when he called for abolition of the DP. Its sad they we are the only Western Country still using it.

Good day to you as well!

Thank you.

The next death row victim we need to pray for. I applaud Mr Byrd for his ability to forgive. My personal experience is that forgiveness is extremely hard and cannot always occur overnight, but when we pray for the ability with sincerity God will grant it and His peace, which passes all understanding will fill our hearts.

Yes, this murder was shockingly horrific. I pray that the victim and the murderer may both share in God’s kingdom where there is no more weeping.

We have two contrasting examples; the one offered by Rascalking and the one offered by Ross Byrd.

The simple question we should ask ourselves is, which reaction is more Christ like?

Well, that’s not the official penalty but it might as well be in the penal code for any felon sent to a maximum security “correctional facility” [HAH!].

Or imprisoning people who have held others against their will. :rolleyes:

John 2:15 So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple area, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.

Sounds like a man that would have little tolerance for those that murder for sport.

Sure does. Anti-death penalty =/= tolerance for those that murder for sport. I don’t get why people think that it does.

I don’t think Ross Byrd looked at his father’s killer and said “Oh, well, you know, this is just something I must tolerate.” I think he made a decision to forgive and have mercy on him. He said having him spend life in prison was punishment enough, he didn’t want to see him killed.

Yes, it is truly amazing. Here was someone who admitted to a terribly heinous crime, and not only did he admit to it, he boasted of it. It would have been understandable for Ross to react by crying out for the killer’s blood. Certainly, if we haven’t been in that situation, I think we can say that we would have understood if he felt that way. But instead, he forgave him and asked for mercy. And Brewer was unrepentant. He did not ask for Ross Byrd’s forgiveness. It’s hard enough to forgive someone when they ask, but to forgive someone who is not even sorry? A moving story that I wish had more press. In fact, I wonder if there is a way I can write to Mr. Byrd and tell him that I am inspired by him.

The Anti death penalty movement is pretty new. Ill stick with the King of the Rascals on this, and the king of Kings as well.

And new = bad? I’ll stick with the King of Kings on this one too, after all nobody knows it like one who’s been there: executed AND innocent…

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