Victims souls

In the mid 70’s I was living and teaching English in mexico city. One of my students wanted me to meet a priest and brought him to my house. After we spoke for a while, he suddenly announced that he thought I was a sagrada victima and explained it to me. As I’m not catholic, it was a completely new and very unusual topic for me, much less for this priest to apply it to me. I never saw him again. I just stored this incident, but I’ve led a most unusual life and now I’m seeking clarification. Certainly no stigmatas in my life, but other unusual things have happened in my life to prompt this inquiry. Thank you.

I’m unsure what your inquiry is since you didn’t ask a question.

My advice is to seek council of a godly priest. Try a retreat center or monastery. Have you read the case of Audrey Santo?

What was his explanation and what is your question? :confused:

My Spanish is extremely lacking, but if I understand correctly , this priest conveyed to you his opinion that he believed you are a victim soul.

The hallmark, if you will, of a victim soul is suffering - and not just any suffering. It is vicarious suffering .

Other types of mystical phenomena, if and when they occur , are secondary. The true power is in the suffering of the victim soul when it is united to Christ.

From Modern Catholic Dictionary ; Fr. John Hardon, S.J.


A person specially chosen by God to suffer more than most people during life, and who generously accepts the suffering in union with the Savior and after the example of Christ’s own Passion and Death. The motive of a victim soul is a great love of God and the desire to make reparation for the sins of mankind.

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