Victor Zammit, afterlife "expert"

I have a dear friend who was raised Catholic and now in her senior years has gone completely “new Age”. She has bought into the new quantum physics religion. Just the fact that all these so-called educated professors, and other scientists are believing that afterlife is a branch of physics makes it sound like they know something we stupid Catholics don’t. In fact, if you go to the website and read What happens when you die, you will see how convincing they are that what was written in the holy book 2000 years age is highly unreliable. After all, the original texts have been lost and the bible was “made up” in 324AD. This friend of mine e-mails me a monthly Victor Zammit newsletter. It breaks my heart that I am unable to bring her back to Catholicism. New Agers love the idea that there is no hell. When you are a senior citizen it is much more pleasant to “know” paradise is awaiting everyone.

I will keep her and all those who have fallen away in my prayers.

I understand…but I really don’t understand. In her case and yours and mine…it is all in the power and hands of the Holy Spirit (conversion graces) and our individual YES (also graces from The Holy Spirit to say yes) to those conversion graces.

If she is “deaf” or “invincibly ignorant” to (I mean she just doesn’t hear) the voice of the Holy Spirit…God’s mercy will prevail over His justice…she will be okay in the next life. If she hears and refuses conversion (her pride = listening to whisper in her ear in the Garden…and then “eating the apple”…so she can be just like God in knowledge (good and evil)…does not turn back towards God and away from New Age Gnostics (like Mr. Zammit)…you should be happy for her because she is doing exactly what she wants…God will honor her choice(s)…so should we (not be happy for her) but…honor her choice. (JP-II: “…the Catholic Church only proposes…it never imposes”…the model is Christ Jesus himself).

Mr. Zammit, pray that God helps him, is simply a Gnostic…in the most perfect sense of the word (they always–for 2000+ years–know something that is privileged to a few special people…its the oldest scam in history…or as P.T. Barnum said…"…there is a sucker born every minute…")! In football terms: Mr. Zammit is all suited up…and is on the field…playing his heart out…unfortunately he hasn’t seen the football or the end zone since the kickoff!

Remind your friend that “close” only counts in “horseshoes”…not in salvation! Or maybe she doesn’t know about a famous lady named Eve?

Pax Christi

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