Victoria Nuland gaffe: Angela Merkel condemns EU insult


Germany’s Angela Merkel has said a US official’s apparent insult of the EU’s efforts to mediate in the Ukraine crisis is “totally unacceptable”.

Victoria Nuland has apologised after a voice resembling hers used a graphic swear word in a conversation said to be with the US ambassador to Ukraine.

A recording of the apparently bugged conversation was posted online, with the US hinting at Russia’s involvement.

A very arrogant woman!

Keep spying on others. :wink:


Looks like this is a case of Russia tapping a US diplomat’s phone

Gee, nations spy on each other, who would of guessed? :cool:

I guess Russia isn’t our friend after all.



[FONT=Helv][FONT=Arial]So State Department is upset someone other than the NSA is listening to American phone conversations.


Don’t agree with much coming out of the Obama administration, however in this instance her utterance with regards to the EU is spot on.


It is ironic, isn’t it? :wink:


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