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I know of a Catholic lady who is engaged and today I found out that she is going to be shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

I have seen clips of their ads and its revolting. Can you anyone give me sound Catholic reasons why one can shop there? Is shopping there any different from a sex shop?

I shopped there today, with my young daughters even. It is not a sex shop at all. For me I find that they have well made bras, and the sales staff is knowledgeable and can fit you properly for a bra. If you don’t like it, don’t shop there :shrug:.

I wouldn’t consider Victoria’s Secret a sex shop, but it does glamorize sex quite a bit. But it doesn’t sell anything of a perverted nature, such as sex toys or videos.

Victoria’s Secret sells bras, underwear, pajamas, slippers, lotion, and makeup. While they could very well tone down their ads, It is not a sex shop.

I really dislike their ads and their runway thing thay have been doing. However, my daughter in a massage therapist and says that their bras and such give her the best support for the type of movement that she is constantly doing. So, what do I say. Oh well.

Sound Catholic reasoning for this: because if some of us ladies do not wear our, ahem, “undergarments”, we will not look particularly modest :wink: Yes, there are modest things at Victoria’s as well. I’ve shopped there from time to time.

A place that sells lingerie is not the same as a sex shop, though a sex shop may or may not sell lingerie as well (idk, I’ve never gone to one).

I don’t see a problem with shopping there. It has a bad rep for being a sex shop, but they have some really nice bras, panties, pajamas, and makeup. If there is anything you see a problem with, just don’t buy it.


I cringe when their ads come on TV and I’ve been known to leave the room. Haven’t been to one of their stores, though I might just to get myself something that actually fits me or have a proper fitting. I’m an odd size and sometimes Hanes just doesn’t have what I need for the little bit that God and nature gave me, and at 31, I loathe having to buy my underwear from the teen department of a regular store.

Our mall has a Victoria Secret store… and I’m always revolted when we walk past… by the LARGE photos of scantily clad models… that are hanging on their walls. I assume… the purpose of those photos is to lure the men inside? :shrug:

But the way these models are dressed AND posed… is just shy of X-rated. Walk past a “VS” store… and you’ll see what I mean.

Personally… I wouldn’t take a child inside. I’d fear sending the wrong message to a child; even if the staff is well trained, etc. :nope:

it’s not as bad as you think. I was given a gift certificate there from a customer (I was showing her horse) and was really skeptical about going in… but I bought the most comfortable, supportive bra I have ever had (called an Ipex, they are unbelieveable!). I have since bought a couple things made by them WAY cheaper on ebay. I don’t see an issue with her buying something a little “out there” for her honeymoon either… :wink:

When my DH and I were dating, one valentines day he gave me a bag from victoria’s secret!!! :eek: I was scared to open it! but he had bought me a cute little perfume sample set, a bathrobe, and a box of chocolates. (whew! lol)

I bought my daughters panties there for Christmas. They were like 5 for $20 plus one free. What a deal. And there weren’t really sexy looking. They also have great bras for bigger built women and the fitters know what they are doing. Their PJs are pretty and well made.

I’m too fat for Victoria’s Secret lingerie–I WISH they would come up with “Queen Victoria’s Secret.” Sigh. Sweet.

But my beautiful daughters love the VS bras for the support, comfort, and quality (they last longer than other bras).

And I love several of their fragrances–even a fat lady can fit into a fragrance.

Women have to buy lingerie somewhere. Through their positioning of their products (with sexy women wearing them in revealing poses), Victoria’s Secret reminds us of the power that we wield over men. That’s not a bad thing for a woman to be aware of–I think that some women have no idea how they can affect a man, or they don’t want to face that power because then they would have to change the way they dress and act. Victoria’s Secret makes it perfectly clear that the way a women dresses and acts WILL affect a man.

As Christian women we should be aware of that power and the possibility that it can destroy us and the men we come into contact with. We should behave modestly and with charity so that we don’t become an occasion of sin for a man. Modest behavior does not forbid the wearing of pretty lingerie, but it means that only our HUSBANDS should see or touch that pretty lingerie.

Thats what my daughter likes is that they fit you.

Doing massage for her is like isometric exercises for everyone else. When she starte massage school back in 2000 she wore a 10, now she wears 4 and 6. Her size and shape seem to always change - I guess it is like calenitics - it must really work on her inner muscles.

Normally, I wouldn’t step in but since I work at Victoria’s Secret, I will. (Though not for much longer since I’ve quit the job.) Yes, the marketing (the photos) are pretty racy. At this point, after working there nearly two years, I don’t see them anymore. I’ve learned to ignore them plus I work in the back so I don’t see them. And the company has toned down a lot of their marketing in the store itself as well as the products. The focus now is on the feminine yet sexy compared to when I started it was totally on the sexy part. This shift came as a result of customer surveys that said they wanted a different focus.

Victoria’s Secret is the best at bras and is known for that fact. For the most part, except lingerie or what we call intimates, the store sells bras and panties, beauty (lotion and perfume), pajamas, sweats, and the PINK line which is sweats, T-shirts, bras, hoodies, and the like. Yes, VS sells lingerie but you don’t have to buy it. Women keep coming back because we fit you, we are required to know everything about bras and other products we carry, we try new products before they come out so we have that testimony, and we want you to be satisfied. We have to help you, not just stand there.

VS makes bras that fit 32A-40DD though it depends on the particular line and style. For someone small, I’d recommend PINK or Angels since those carry 32s. Intimissimi, an Italian third party line we carry, is also a good bet (if you can find it). Unfortunately, we don’t carry much in the 40DD range but what VS does have is the Body by Victoria line. For someone like me, I measure one size but fit better in my sister size. And if we can’t help you, we give you information or point you to a good source to help you find a bra that will fit.

Women wear underwear. (Well, this woman wears underwear.)
Victoria Secret sells underwear.

I may not approve of all their marketing approaches, but, ultimately, bras and panties are bras and panties . . . we need 'em, they sell 'em . .

I don’t see the big deal of Victoria’s Secret stores. Their adds can be a little “sexy”, and it’s fantasy. Women want to look like those models and men want to “be” with those models.

When the ads come on T.V. my husband’s eyes pop out of his head like he has been hit in the back of his head. Typical…

Those window displays are really over the top, considering that children of all ages frequent the mall and walk past them every day.

Once, walking past one of those huge window displays of models in lingerie, I thought what would have happened if during my high school years my mom had seen this display. Every one of her kids would have been banned from the mall, and likely the whole town would be up in arms!

That said, VS is a far far cry from a sex shop! I have bought gifts there. (VS, not the sex shop.)

I think it very odd that a store which sells products to women, formulates and directs all of its advertisements towards…men. Well, sure, the commercial said it was the most comfortable and supportive bra around, but all it showed was a nearly naked young woman.

Oh well…Melrose put up a, hmmm, suggestive poster for all to see. Now, at very least Victoria’s Secret keeps the naked lady on a horse poster (that can’t be comfortable) back in the store where we don’t have to see it, but Melrose subjected all passerbys without vigilant custody of the eyes to witness their depravity.

I complained as a customer, saying that I found the poster offensive and demeaning, and if they refused to take it down, I would never shop there again, and would further, tell all my female friends, and any woman I met not to shop there. The very next Friday it was gone. Now, this probobly had nothing whatsoever to do with my complaining, but the vile affront to humanity was torn down, and, Victory!!!

Having gone through a VERY immoral point in my life- I can tell you, from experience, that VS is NOT anything like a sex shop.

That is terrible! Such attire could lead to her husband having sexual thoughts… and as good catholics, we cannot allow that to happen!

:eek: :eek: :eek:

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