Victorian Catholics want churches open

I am in South Australia and in parish one has to book before attending Mass. This is to ensure our limit is not more than permitted. Father has said that to date, no one phoning for a booking has had to be turned away due to the limit imposed. There are more than enough bookings and some still vacant at the time of Mass. That is a bit sad indeed.
Those who have booked and attended Mass must keep to the regulations about social distancing. All seems to be running smoothly. All venues, including our aChurches, must have Covid Marshalls.
Father was bringing me Holy Communion each week, but when the situation here in Adelaide worsened re Covid, he ceased coming. We need to really care for the priests we do have. I can attend Mass, just a bit of a stretch on my pocket. I am 75 this coming January and regarded as severely disabled and hence it costs me to get to Mass and return home - and very thankfully a bit difficult but not impossible. I need a worker to support me to and fro - and that costs.

The above re my own parish may vary, of course, from parish to parish.

Victoria, a state in Australia, has had some really extreme problems re Covid - South Australia has been spared. Victoria seems to now be settling down - but her next door neighbour, New South Wales, is experiencing worrying clusters and a fair few where contact tracing has been impossible to next door to impossible.

I saw some health professional on TV state that the Covid virus can live on surfaces for up to 4 weeks.
All the health professionals I have heard are saying we will probably need to live with Covid for a very long time, even possibly always to some degree or other.

I am quite concerned about all the sufferers in the USA for one, and related deaths. I am staying as well informed as possible re the coming USA elections in November next moth. The world and all our peoples of all kinds are really suffering and in much pain.

“You are the salt of the earth and what happens if the salt looses its taste?”


Our Diocese only eased the “no singing” rule a few weeks ago.

Things are done by our leaders to protect the least among us.

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Would you point me to the decrees for riots?

Today in the State of Victoria only one case of cv has been reported.My local church in this rural area has its doors open for a visit to Our Lord .
Ten would be allowed for outdoor mass if the weather was ok,which it hasn’t been.In Melbourne that isn’t an option at all.Even entering a church to visit Jesus isn’t allowed.
If my bishops have written a letter of their concern ,then would you not also be concerned ?
How many waves are going to come and go ,cases perhaps hours from where I live …how long would you be prepared to not receive Jesus in holy communion ?
Please of your charity pray that on Sunday ,among possible restrictions being lifted ,that attending mass indoor or outdoors is allowed :pray:

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Ha-ha. The point is that the mass protests were allowed to congregate despite having no “leader” who could assure precautions were followed, and the Health Department actively sought out and shut down liturgies such as San Francisco’s. They were even mad at +Cordileone’s exorcism in Golden Gate Park.

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Ahhh, so it is an apples to snowshoes comparison.

Fitting actually…I believe it was only during the Victorian era that Catholics were finally emancipated in the UK…

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I have been hearing about people leaving the US if the election turns out badly.

What is the New Zanadian government like? Will they be welcoming to emigrés? Are they building walls to keep them out?

Not sure, but the Victorian Catholics are still debating whether Confession is valid via telegraph, and whether they should go to Mass on steam trains or in a horse-and-buggy.


Hopefully the Mass will resume to normal soon. :+1:

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Towards the end of the reign of King George IV. The Duke of Wellington along with Daniel O’Connell being two of them most prominent figures in pushing the Catholic relief act through, although the former was more motivated by pragmatism than idealism and also didn’t agree with O’Connell on every issue.

O’Connell and Wellington it strikes me as a follow up post even in death highlight the complicated relationship of Catholics in the UK to the powers that be and also the country they were born in as part of the UK.

This is the monument to Wellington in Phoenix Park in Dublin:-


The tower below is O’Connell’s tomb:-

Joyce uses the Wellington monument symbolically as a prone phallus in his work at one point.

Victoria is in Australia. :australia:

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