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I am trying my best to get through the Neil T. Anderson book, “Victory over Darkness” but i am having trouble getting through the chapters. i keep having to stop and reread or verify the scripture so it takes me days to finish one chapter. Also, I am doing this bible study with all protestant women so when i have problems with the concepts i find myself defending Catholicism. i do feel compelled to continue within the group because it seems some of the women have genuine curiousity about the faith but on the other hand some seem to be just on the defensive. Is it possible to maintain within the group? Can this material even be understood through Catholic eyes?
We are beginning with this book in preparation for “Bondage Breaker”, so I really need some advice or suggestions!!! :shrug: Trying to continue reading love the ladies but the material…:banghead:


I wish I could help, but I haven’t read the books :(. I do think conservative Protestants and Catholics share a good deal of common ground on spiritual warfare, though.


Back in the old days I went through the Anderson process. It’s based on a man’s interpretation of spiritual warfare not every Christian agrees with. It was one of the last things I studied before I started getting too nervous and fearful to function. Later I went through it again in a different way with another denomination and it drove me into a paranoid daze again, but in combination with other weird experiences and surroundings. I was to read aloud a page of Anderson’s affirmations daily. These were based on a Calvinistic view.
Anderson says all ailments, physical, mental, emotional, you name it, are really spiritual attacks caused by curses that could come from almost anything at all. He says you have to go through everything in your house, mind and world one by one, down to your step-great-grandfather’s Freemasonry, the time you read your horoscope for a laugh in middle school, and your mother’s smoking habit, down to the grumpy day you had in college, everything, and use a particular method to free yourself from curses. It gets pretty obsessive, especially if you have a past when you start. All this is your responsibility, not for your salvation, apparently, as he expresses a strong predestinarian viewpoint, but to prevent and to cure all illness and hard circumstances, and to clear the mind. The process didn’t affect me as it was advertised to. At all. That’s all I know.


That . . . doesn’t sound good.


Is there any way to interpret the material through catholic eyes?
hearing the message he is trying to say or is it impossible because of his foundational beliefs?


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