Video: "10,000 on the Streets of Liverpool with the Blessed Sacrament." Procession of the Eucharist in Liverpool, England, During Great Meeting of Celebration of the Eucharist


“A major moment in the life of the English and Welsh Church will take place from September 7-9,” the British Catholic publication, “Catholic Herald” had said. Catholic “people will process behind the Blessed Sacrament through Liverpool’s streets, passing cocktail bars, cafes, a university and a recently closed Masonic hall. The procession will circle back to Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral, where Benediction will be given from the top of the steps.”
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John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus -
I don’t think so !


Nah it’s Anfield for me


Very nicely done. I was happy for their turnout, despite the rain.

Lovely singing in the YouTube video. Processions are very moving. :green_heart:


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