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I wish to share with you this video which clarifies a lot of misconceptions people have about Islam.

The youtube channel also has a lot of other videos which explains a few things about Islam. To me Islam is a religion of peace and solace only found in God. I have looked into various religions including Bahaism and Christianity and Judaism, but I have always come back to Islam.

I am grateful for my Christian friends who also give me great comfort and support during hard times I had and the advice they gave me or the advice I give them is no different, that we should trust in God. So I see all Christians, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist as my brothers and sisters as we all originate from Adam and Eve, so lets respect each other till we return to God.

Despite what Atheists say, religion is of peace and it is people not GOD that make it appear violent.

Either way when Jesus(PBUH) descends, we will all be united under one banner.

So either Christians will become Muslim or Muslims will become Christian because Jesus(PBUH) will be a truth for us all. In the meantime its a wait, so to better ourselves for God.

This is a good thought. Maybe we will all be under the same banner. I don’t think we have to wait that long - I am sure it will happen in our lifetime. My only fear is that many people will not recognize the Christ when he returns. (BTW, sorry if I took the thread off-topic)

There is no either or. There is only One Truth.

We as Catholics look forward for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come…with our Faith in Jesus Christ our Savior, King and Lord.


I don’t doubt Muslims in their sincerity to follow their faith. I have plenty of Muslim friends who are kind and generous. I really don’t bother to much of what Atheists say even when they deny God made them. We need to pray for them :slight_smile:


In the video it states that God has given Muslims permission to fight for the oppressed men, women and children. Noble indeed…

Why, then are you not unitedly fighting, as a global Islamic community against the oppressed Bahai men, women and children in Iran?

Negative stereotypes might begin in ignorance, but they continue because too many people live up to them.

My (personal) opinion is that I should push-back on you 100%, because you are not rallying with me (and many others) against those that are “tarnishing” ?] the general public’s view of Islam. You are rallying against me and my negative opinion. I say NUTS TO THAT.

The enemy of my enemy, if not my outspoken friend, is ALSO MY ENEMY. If my "friends’ " friendship with their friends is hampered by their friendship with me, they have to “tie a pork chop around their necks” (that’s right, I went with “pork”) because that is their-dog.

Missy - I laud and applaud your wish for peace in people’s hearts and minds, indeed in the words of Jesus at His great ‘Sermon on the Mount’ speech - “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.” - Matthew 5:9 BUT there is much in the Qur’an, Sira, Hadith and Tabari that speaks of violence and lack of charity to all who are not ‘Muslim’.

You also seem to have no trouble with Jesus preaching and living a life of peace, while at the same time accepting that Muhammad lived a much less charitable and often very worldly focused life - with many wives, slaves, and much booty from many battles in which [according to his own followers] he ordered and allowed [even indulged himself] the killing of prisoners and critics and a lot more ‘stuff’ that Jesus would frown upon to say the very least.

Often Jesus’ truths appear in conflict with Muhammad’s ‘truths’ - especially in personal actions. I find Jesus’ truths far more appealing, compelling and with much greater authority. Jesus also referred to Himself as ‘I AM’ - the description given by God of God Himself - so either Jesus is a liar or indeed far greater than any ‘Muhammad’ - I go with the latter possibility.

Jesus’ life was non-violent and preached peace and love - Muhammad was a ‘horse’ of a very different colour in so many cases, according to his own followers.

Did you even watch the video?

Because us Muslims have turned away from the true ideals of Islam. I’m sorry to say this but I’m just calling it as it is.

So are you still muslim? I am just asking because if I turned away from the true ideals of the Catholic Church, then I would no longer be Catholic.

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Isn’t this one of the signs of the coming of the Promised One, the Return of Jesus in the Glory of the Father, the Qaim of Shiah Islam?

That Islam will be followed by name, rather than by spirit?

I love it when an allegation is brought forth against a Muslim and he/she typically answer with “yeh but if you look up the bible it also says…”

This argument is called the fallacy of Tu Quoque (Two Wrongs Make a Right). The gentlemen on YouTube appeals to the bible when it came time to deal with multiple wives and Jihad which is a weak form of defence. It only manifests his inability to defend. He should rather be defending his faith by his faith’s own reason and not appeal to the other side for help…

Augustine, as Catholic I’d say even if one uses the Bible whether being Muslim or even a Christian to look for answers it is futile without the auspicious and the light of the Church Tradition that gave it. It’s NOT only of “the Book”.


I agree brother. We also need to remember St Paul said “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness”. We don’t have to appeal to the Quran or hadiths to defend our faith the way Muslims do with the bible…

I don’t mean to offend any Muslims here, I have great respect for your faith in Islam and it’s a fine example to follow.

I’ve tried to be open to what Muslims have to say. I also have respect for Muslim families that sincerely just want to live in peace and be accepted by others. Unfortunately the more I dig into it the more I’m convinced as one person has put it “the peaceful Muslims are either ignorant of their faith or plainly lying”.

The Prophet Muhammad himself ordered the death of poets wrote satirical poems about him. So when Muslims preach their religion is a religion of tolerance their contradict the actions of this own prophet who couldn’t even tolerate writings against himself…

I am much of the same mind as your post, Augustine3, the more I look at Islam’s own records - their ‘Trilogy’ etc., the more the alarm bells ring.

The biggest problem is that the more ‘moderate’ and ‘tolerant’ quotes are based upon Muhammad’s 'earlier ‘Meccan’ times and teaching, when he was least powerful and had few followers. His later actions and teachings, when more politically powerful and much engaged in fighting and plunder - his ‘Medinan’ period is much more belligerant and far less tolerant to criticism.

It seems as though the ‘Sufi’ often choose to ignore Muhammad’s later teachings and actions, even though it is at this time that he gained the most following - largely by politics and war and booty, so it seems.

Yes, nothing new.

Have you seen this video?

WARNING this video is extremely graphic and explicit.

Please do your best not to fall under the fallacy of Tu Quoque (Two Wrongs Make a Right) with your response.

Right in the first couple of minutes it had a few fallacies about the Catholic church.

  1. The Jesus of Islam is not the Jesus of Christianity.
  2. We don’t know how old Joseph was.
  3. Mary didn’t have marital relations with Joseph.

You can’t use the Qu’ran to teach Christians about Christ.

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