VIDEO: Another Vet Tells Off Murtha/Moran

Sgt. Mark Seavey was outnumbered, but not alone at the …townhall hosted by Reps. Jim Moran and John Murtha last week. Near the end of the marathon session, a Vietnam veteran, General Wagner, stepped up to the microphone to deliver a message from the mother of an Iraqi war vet who gave his life for his country and for the mission. After reading a scathing letter addressed to Murtha, Wagner talked about his own experience in Vietnam:
General Wagner speaks the truth

Download the video (.wmv file).

A snippet of Wagner’s remarks:

I visit Walter Reed [Army Hospital] and talk to the young soldiers with their legs blown off. I know you do, too. I can’t find one in a dozen that don’t believe that they are fighting for a noble cause and are fighting to go back. And I think it’s a disgrace when members of our Congress --just as they did in 1975 when they sold out the south Vietnamese–are selling out our soldiers today in Iraq! Rep. Murtha’s “plan” was enshrined in the unassailable sanctity of a combat veteran’s admirable service to this nation. No one, we were told, could question his motives or his patriotism. Not even, it appeared, another Marine: one who had the temerity to speak publicly what any Marine with any sense at all was thinking privately: that his “plan” flew in the face of 200 years of proud Marine Corps history. Attend any ceremony where Marines gather and you’ll see something special: the Marine Battle Colors. During the color ceremony, you’ll watch the Marine flag lowered proudly, as it should be, in deference to the stars and stripes: Old Glory. But if you’re lucky, you may also get to see another brave sight flying in the stiff breeze. The Marine battle streamers. One for each engagement the Marines have fought in over their long and glorious history. And on the unofficial Marine emblem appear these words: "These Colors Don’t Run". Marines take those words seriously. Dead seriously. Because a lot of men - good men - have died to earn the reputation the United States Marine Corps enjoys throughout the world. They are respected, and feared, wherever they go. They command the field.

They do not leave it in the hands of the enemy, despite what Representative Murtha would like to see us do. And despite the waggling fingers of Democrats like Harold Ford, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Colonel Danny Bubp taking a fellow Marine down a peg on the House floor that day. Marines police their own ranks. They have always done so. One Marine is never afraid to take another to task when he thinks honor is at stake. And they all have a stake in the future of their Corps. And their country.

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