video blessing


i was on Fr Corapi’s site when i ran into this blessing…
i downloaded it and have watched it quite a few times. when watching it (and afterwards) i feel at peace with myself. but i am curious. being a protestant, is a catholic blessing valid for me? is a video of a blessing valid? is there some kind of timeframe for how long a blessing lasts?
any answers you give would be greatly appreciated, thanks!:thumbsup:


I don’t have the answer to all of your questions - however I know that papal blessings via radio and television are valid (and you can gain an indulgence from them according to my new “The Handbook of Indulgences - Norms And Grants”).



Non-Catholics and even those not Baptized can receive Actual Grace from Blessings and sacramentals. Only the Blessing given by the Pope can be received via media in it’s fullness. Blessings don’t have any expiration date or time. Is Fr’s video blessing ineffective because he is not the Pope? I would not say that, God can use it in any way He wants.


So what about when the guy says “Later the Pope intends to bless any religious objects you may have brought with you”? So if you’re sitting in front of your TV with a rosary is this valid too? :confused:


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