Video: Blowout Remorse: High School Basketball Team Seeks Forfeit of 100-0 Win

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Unless they cheated, I say that they should keep the win. They won it fair and square. :shrug:

Keep the win, but send the coach(es) to training on sportsmanship. There’s no excuse for a score like that. When two teams are so unevenly matched, the coach with the better team should do whatever he or she can to not run up the score unnecessarily. Yes, that can be somewhat difficult, but it can be done if the coach has the right mindset.

my hangup on this is that the winning coach did not keep his starters in the whole game. those other girls go out work and practice just as hard as the staters but rarely get to play. at least when they were in i can not blame a coach for letting them try their hardest. if you were the worst player on the winning team and this was the only gam you got into would you be happy if the coach told you not to score?

also lets not forget the shot clock. everytime that team had the ball they had to shoot occasionally. especially at that age i wouldnt tell the girls t try and miss, they dont have the skills yet to be intentionally messing with their mechanics.

i more blame whoever made the schedules. if this school has so few people why are they playing this game. even small schools can have an ‘A’ and ‘B’ team. find some of those and play the weaker ones for more sporting matchups. because it doesnt seem like losing a chance to win some title is an issue here.

The coach from the winning school was fired. It was on the local news this weekend.

IMO, the school (his employer) was wrong for apologizing for the blow out because the winning team did not cheat. The other school should not be playing a schedule of games if they are so poorly skilled that every game must turn into a charity offering by the other team.

The coach should not have given a statement to the press contradicting his employer even if they were being idiotic about the game. He gave them an excuse to fire him and they did it.

i also saw that the losing tean hadnt won a game in over 4 years. i think theyd be accustomed to losing by now. i havent heard any belly achying from them. if they arent complaining why couldnt the winning school just be classy and move one. to me trying to say ‘sorry i whipped you so bad, i guess i should feel sorry for you’ is worse than ‘good game’ and that being the end of it.

Yeah, the coach of the winning team should have done something to keep the score closer, but I don’t think the game should be forfeited. I feel bad for the losing team, but as my coaches always told us, the other team is playing by the same rules and if we didn’t want to lose, score more than them. That may sound a bit harsh, but I agree with it.



I guess charity is something that has fallen by the wayside.

My DH coaches girls soccer. Last spring our team lost every game- He kept telling the girls they can win- you just have to keep trying and not feel defeated.
During the fall season we had an excellent team. A few times tho opposing coach would give DH a hard time and tell him to give them a break and bring some players in. This is a hard situation, why should you penalize a kid becuase they are good at something??? That really is not fair either. The compromise he gave them was to tell our best players they could only shoot with thier left leg and let the coach put in extra players. We still won by a landslide.
I think the winning coach could of come up with ways to make it more even…but why is this SO important??? The girls lost …badly. It is only a game. Everyone has differnt talents and gifts. Why cant we accept this? Why do we have to make everything so fair all the time. Teach people to win and lose gracefully, then move on.

Okay I just watched the whole thing and did not realize that the loseing team were LD…:blush:
I think that is a little embarrasing to the winning teams school.
Perhaps the coach could of given girls who wanted to be starters and werent an opportunity to be starters.
People could win more gracefully too.:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

Sometimes we forget that school sports are classrooms, themselves, where the participant is learning (or, at least, supposedly taught) life lessons through disciplined competition.

In this instance, it appears that one of the teachers lacked the skills that he was hired to teach. Having lost his moral authority to lead his team, he was (justifiably and understandably) fired.

Lessons were learned here, after the game, that are pretty valuable. Hats off to the administrators of both schools. No matter what the record may reflect, every student won that walked away from this game with more than they came with.

the coach didnt play his starters the whole game

and as for the other team, it said mostly add and dyslexics. in all seriousness unless the losing team was shooting at the wrong goal i think it is unrelated and irrevelant.

i say congratulations to the winning team. maybe they are just extradorinary atheletes who have been blessed with a skill that can pay for their educationsone day. if so then they should always play their hardest.

Is there a shot clock in girls’ basketball in Texas? I know in Ohio there isn’t in boys’ or girls’ basketball. Anyways, I don’t think a coach should ever tell a player not to try, in the midst of victory or defeat - but there is a time to “call off the dogs” - that game had to be over after the first quarter - it sounded like they were still full-court pressing in the 4th quarter. That’s a little much. There is plenty of blame to go around - schedulers, coaches, parents, etc. - but the game was scheduled and the coach should have eased up - it would have been a lesson in sportsmanship to teach these girls not to kick someone when they’re down…in my opinion

The thing I found most disturbing about this whole issue was that, according to reports, parents and assistant coaches were shouting for the winning team to try to make it to 100, which they did by keeping up a full court press.

This article also states that the losing team has reworked its schedule, pulling out of the league, and will play junior varsity teams instead - which it likely should have done to begin with, with so few girls available to play.

This looks like it was a Christian Evangelical School? And they were probably not aware of the other team.

What denomination was the loser team?

I agree. And although it was very poor sportsmanship on their part, a win is a win. Forfeiting after the fact in no way reduces the affect of the blowout and doesn’t make you a better sport.

That being said, the fact is this team knew they had a weak opponent on the schedule. Even beforehand there were things that could have been done to avoid blowing them out like they did. The coach could have benched his starters and started the weakest players on his team. He could also have put players in unfamiliar positions. Also, when they were already up by several points, he could have told his players to run their offensive plays but not allow them to shoot. The fact that they were launching 3 pointers toward the end of the game indicates these players knew exactly what they were doing.

What’s interesting is the coach lost his job for running up the score. But isn’t that what coaches of major football programs do every year? Take a look at the schedule of the several powerhouse teams in college football. They have a few very weak teams that they routinely blowout to boost their standing in the polls. And the coaches of these teams are lauded as great guys and their players are the best around.

I have to wonder if it was a boys game would they be making such a big deal out of it.

Also as a dyslexic I can assure you it has no effect on basketball. The team won fair and square.

I had the same thought. There is still a double standard about sports for girls versus boys. I wonder who started all of this whining about the game in fact, the kids or the adults who think that they know how “damaging” it was to the kids that were given the “handicapped” label.

When I was a kid I played softball on a team that stunk so badly we were called The Bad News Bears after our 1st game. We were so far behind that we lost our first game under the “run rule” in the 3rd inning and the game was stopped. We were not proud to have the game end early due to our poor skills, but we were not damaged for life either.

Losing badly was motivation for us to find people who could really teach us to play well since our coaches stunk. My father (the super athlete) had not bothered to teach his own girls the skills that we needed, but after that sorry game he spent many hours working with us and our friends (like he had with neighborhood boys previously) until we were all good players. I think that losing badly was a blessing in disguise for us.

By the end of the same season we were all playing quite well and I made all star in my new position (where I should have been playing when the season began). We also had a pitcher and a couple of other girls on our team make the all star team.

If the winning team in the story really wanted to do something useful for the other team (because a forfeit does not really help them), they could have a joint practice/skills session with the less skilled girls on a Saturday morning. I think that might be more charitable than a forfeit.

Well, my kids attended schools that consistently lost every basketball game they ever played.My youngest son’s team never won a single game. An older son’s team lost a game against a school for the deaf & blind. Seriously.
What I heard from our basketball coach was that it’s not really sportsman-like nor Christian to try & get every, single, possible point when your team is obviously winning & way ahead.Basically, don’t rub it in when you’re that far ahead & playing other kids.It’s not pro-basketball after all.
Winning is fine but 100 to 0 is more like humiliation.
And no, I’m not one of those parents who want every kid to get a trophy at the end of the year just for participating.

As a player and coach on amateur ice hockey teams, I’ve been whipped and laid on the lash. its no fun getting smoked, but you learn a lot about character when you’re trying to hold together during that kind of disaster. But the game eventually ends, and you move on.

During the game, I’d bench anyone who didn’t do his or her best at all times, no matter what the score. I think its more insulting to have the opponent go easy than to continue the beating.

All that said, what a loser. Someone ought to be fired over that.

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