Video: Catholics assaulted, spat upon, and spray-painted as they defend cathedral from feminists [Life Site News]

[Note: may include offensive content, including a (censored) nude woman pushing herself upon a man, spitting, mocking, and so on]

POSADAS, Argentina, October 11, 2012, ( - Angry, pro-abortion feminists mocked, spat on, and spray-painted Catholics who were standing guard in front of the cathedral of the Diocese of Posadas in Argentina on Saturday, an event that was caught on video by professional journalists and placed on YouTube and other media.

According to reports by local media, the bishop of Posadas, Juan Martínez, had closed the cathedral and canceled liturgical services there in anticipation of the presence of the women, who had gathered in the city to participate in the annual national National Women’s Encounter, an event that has become notorious for vandalism and attacks on Catholic churches.

Although the destructive behavior of participants in Argentina’s annual National Women’s Encounter is well known, Martínez had inexplicably asked the police not to place barriers nor to guard the cathedral, which was on the planned route of the feminists’ march through the city…

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How much do you want to bet that the nude woman in the beginning would later say that women shouldn’t be objectified and used as “sexual playthings”?

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