Video: "Children Asked about Abortion."

“We wanted to capture the honest reactions of children when asked about abortion.” And this is what this video does, after a minute of warm-up questions to the children.

Proof that abortion is wrong, when these children are simply calling it what it is. It is a baby, and it is murder. It’s plain fact that no one in their right mind can argue with. These children, I really do hope they will continue to hold their true, right, honest belief about this, before bigoted leftist extremists have a chance to creep inside of their minds like snakes.

Out of the mouths of babes. It’s sad that it even needs to be discussed-such a monstrosity shouldn’t exist.
I stumbled across a disturbing facebook page this week- it’s called “catholics for choice”. It literally made my stomach turn:( thousands of people posting pro choice comments- all of them claiming to “know” that God would never force a pregnancy on a person that didnt want a child. I’ve never been pro choice- but listening to them made me realize just how diluted our faith can get when you don’t LIVE your faith. Going to church every Sunday doesn’t make a person a good Catholic if they go home and live a sinful life devoid of prayer… which is where I was for years.
So scary. Really made me want to reach through my computer and shake people.

Heartbreaking. If all prolife people in the world and all the churches of every kind got together to fast and pray and protest and help pregnant women, abortion would end.

The catechism clearly states: “Why were we created?” Answer: “To know, love, and serve God.” We seem to love and serve ourselves instead. They are only trying to justify their terrible belief on this. It makes them feel good. It isn’t the child they hate. It’s the pregnancy. If children didn’t grow inside of our uteruses, there would be no trouble. That’s the whole thing. But I just can’t imagine being so callous about killing a baby. Much less your own. So many, it seems, will just never convert. They’re stuck too much on their own will and their own selfishness. It isn’t selfish to wish or rather you weren’t pregnant. If it’s so awful, the least they can do is hope for a miscarriage. You just draw the line at killing another person. It’s just plain wrong. Why can’t they just understand that?

It’s sad- but many catholics do not truly understand what it means to be catholic. If you stop praying, you start to become complacent and you start to rewrite your faith without even realizing it. That’s what happened to me. I had a conversation with a friend a few months ago while I was steadily reciting my rosary Daily. She was feeling down and needed spiritual guidance from another catholic. While talking to her I realized she was exactly where I had been a few short months before. She believed that being catholic meant to be accepting of everyone’s beliefs. That simply accepting God was enough to save you in the end. I realized while talking to her, that like me, our catholic faith had morphed more into some kind of other self made religion. I had long talks with her about it and got her to a better place, I even got her doing a novena with her 8 year old daughter.

The people on that website are sooo confused about their religions- they don’t see how far off the path they’ve gotten. It’s so sad.

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