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This was an interesting video clip on the PNCC. They have valid sacraments and can receive communion at the Catholic Church (ie Roman). If I recall at one point the PNCC was in communion with the Anglican Communion but broke ties over issues like womens ordination.

From their web site and for obvious reasons they seem to be concentrated in the Eastern US. I imagine they could do somewhat better if they dropped the Polish (mentioned in the news article) but then again maybe not. That is their unique identity.

Has anyone any experince with them?

Rev North


Yes, I’ve heard of them. There’s a large community of them in PA (near Scranton)I believe. I don’t know much about them, however. Thanks for the video! :smiley:


I’ve known quite a few people who are part of this Church. We had some come to our Anglican church before. Before I became Catholic, I had thought about joining this group. Actually, most I know don’t use the term “Polish National Catholic” they just say they’re “Catholic.” Which of course can get confusing!!! A lot of the people I know who are part of it actually aren’t Polish. Overall, I’ve found that they take religion quite seriously. It’s too bad they’re not very well known.


I saw a church in New Jersey once (beautiful old stone church). I should have visited. At that time they were still in communion with the Anglicans.

I think Rome began warming up to them (for obvious reasons) while Pope John Paul the Great was pontiff.

Rather off topic, but I have a video of his life and rented another at Blockbuster that went up through his election (believe it was called Karol and it was a wonderful video). What an inspiring and wonderful human being:) He really made an impact on the world (especially early in his Papacy).

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And I am sure it is hard these days when even denomination labels (much less cultural) are becoming a stumbling block. Many churches are changing their name to something without the denominational label. I know an LCMS Church that became something Community Church and did quite well. Many younger people seems turned off by labels like Baptist and so on. Part of the trendy non denominational denomination thing.

I agree they do look interesting.

Rev North

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