Video concerning state of contemporary Christian music

What is the point you are trying to make?

Not sure what the fuss is. The best CCM ever produced is what’s being made RIGHT NOW and over the past ten years.

For the full 6 minutes and 48 seconds, the camera is fixed without interruption on a dude in sunglasses telling us his opinion.


@Maxirad, what else do you have?


My husband and I agree one million percent with the video! He’s absolutely right.

We were laughing pretty hard, but it’s really not anything to laugh at. It’s so sad when the P and W groups sing beautiful hymns at such dirge-like tempos.

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Actually it wasn’t that bad. I kind of enjoyed the video.

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What do you think of these [Parts 7-8]:

At an hour each, they are too long for me but might be useful to liturgists and musicians.

I didn’t watch all of it, but happened to notice that the speaker closed each talk with a prayer. Well done.

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