Video: Family of Man Murdered on Facebook Forgives the Killer, Revealed in Television Broadcast


Livestreaming the murder he was committing on Facebook, the killer murdered a randomly-chosen man, who was walking home from Easter dinner with his family. But the response of the family of the murdered man was surprising. They forgave him. They were followers of Christ.

“‘The thing that I would take away most from my father is he taught us about God. How to fear God. How to love God and how to forgive. And each one of us forgive the killer, the murderer,”’ Tonya Godwin, one of the victim’s daughters said."

There was already a news report about this on Catholic Answers; this live video though brings this forgiveness all the more home.

Great testimony. Thank you very much for sharing. This is also the kind of stuff that makes me appreciate ecumenism. When our beliefs and faith meet and demonstrates those things that we share.

Wonderful story about forgiveness.


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