Video Game Developer Ends Racism by Erasing ‘OK’ Hand Gesture From Call of Duty

Someone also created a Reddit thread to discuss the issue, but in the spirit of one of if not the most censored social networks in existence, it was swiftly locked by moderators.

These are 15 year old gamers. They use a lot of gesture to signal players and ok gesture was the most popular, approval.


Did the game maker make the claim that they ended racism?

There is always a reddit thread for a topic. Anyone can make them…

Seems someone did start a thread on Reddit to discuss and it was closed by Reddit according to this article…

Infowars, eh? We can’t sink too low for stories at this point.

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It a gaming story, not many people care about gamers but it is all over the internet.

Oh yeah, of the Chobani yogurt and gay frogs fame!

Iti is all over the internet.

From Hidden Hand News…

Stunning and brave.

“After plastering “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in capitalized bold text across every loading screen and delaying the launch of Season 4 for a week seemingly failed to end racism on a global scale, it appears that Infinity Ward have removed the OK emote from the game,” reports National File.

With all the gamers, this is pretty hard to keep a secret. Do you think they do not notice their hand getures., just saying.

Hidden Hand News. Well, you certainly visit an interesting side of the internet.

And how do you counter their lies, because, despite all of it, here they are getting posted to this forum.

Are you suggesting that the ok hand signal was not removed in Call of Duty? It has been removed.

Infowars is down somewhere underneath the Marianas Trench…


Still Call of Duty did take off the hand gesture. .Gamers and children have no clue that this means anything but approval.

It is an easy/quick gesture for gamers to use.

Lawsuits? Has infowars settled on that crisis actor law suit.

The title did come from Info Wars but still Call of Duty has eliminated the hand gestures.

Gamers notice these kinds of things because it is the most common one used for a quick approval.

These are gaming news sites reporting it.

Not yet. But that doesn’t matter; one site goes down, another grows up. How do you overcome all of it?

Well, it is part of their Constitutional Free Speech rights to select gestures and remove them…

I’m sure they will select one of the available gestures to communicate that.

All of it? You dont. People like gossip. Gossip is cheap. Truth requires work and verification.

It is not gossip. These are gaming sites reporting it.

It is such a commonly known/used gesture .

Ah, then good that racism has been terminated.

So, standards to overcome it. Like we’re just going to ignore this site and shame anyone that posts from it. I don’t know. Or just accept that a lot of people will make bad decisions on bad information? It frustrates me to no end.

Acronyms /short words like tv, ok, ATM and lol gain common use and are very difficult to get rid of.

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