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Hello! So before I say anything. I’m trying to see what the right answer is here. I’m not even sure is your able to do this. I’m 18 and wanting to play GTA… But I saw a video and it was just then driving around. No violence or anything along those lines. If it is possible to play without violence or anything sin worthy, with mods or some sort. Just driving around a city in a open world. Would it be a sin to play it?

Also , would it be a sin to watch people play it on youtube. Even if it’s roll play. Because you know roll play isn’t real. Basically where is the line to not play/watch it. I’m trying to stay as clean as possible. I know this game isn’t anywhere near that but I’m just wondering.

I don’t recommend playing that game.


I don’t think it would be a sin driving around in the game but there is a risk of doing worse things which is why I recommend steering clear away.


If you plan to do anything in the story you can’t avoid violence.


If you want to just drive around and role-play, without the violence and sinful sexual content of GTA, other games may be preferable.


This is a morally offensive game.

Find something better to do with your time.


Why would you want to play the game if you’re only just driving around? Kinda defeats the purpose.

I’d say that it’s not necessarily a sin to play it- it’s a video game and not real life. That being said, there’s probably better things you can do with your time.


Thank you all for the help! Much appreciated

Breath of the Wild is the open world game you should be playing anyways.

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Even if you’re just driving around you could be tempted to sin and I do know that game because I know a few people who play if but I think you should try playing a more friendly game if possible because its rated M and when you do play a very violent video game let me tell you that God is always watching over you and can see what you’re doing even right at this very moment so imagine him watching you play and if you even accidentally saw something bad how would that make you feel and how would that make God feel

Also I think the line would be when you see something gross or violence or something like that just stay out of trouble and also some roleplay isn’t appropriate especially when it comes to GTA so there may be some content in your youtube video that would be pretty sinful and sinful to watch

It does defeat the purpose but if he was playing for the purpose it would be pretty sinful and even if its boring you got to let go of it for God

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