Video game questions?

I’ve recently been renewed in my faith, and in doing so brought up concerns on the video games I like to play. At the moment, I really enjoy playing Pokemon(video game) and Yugioh because of planning and strategy, but have found that there are traces of the occult in these games. I can understand keeping children away from these things because they are still learning. Since I am in college and have no plans of delving into occult, would it be acceptable to play these games for enjoyment purposes?

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I commend you for even thinking about this. In our culture so many people are obsessed with what they ingest into their mouths (organic, GMOs, gluten, vegan, paleo, low carb, etc.) but so few stop think about what they listen to or watch on a screen and how that might affect their spiritual health.

My answer to this is an analogy. I know a lot of people who won’t buy anything from a store that has in any way funded any kind of pro-choice cause. I admire this vigilance, but I don’t think it’s necessary. If I chose to do the same thing, I may have almost no options for buying a new dress shirt. So I choose to buy a dress shirt from a store that I like, in spite of the moral or political stances of that company’s leadership. I would prefer that they see things my way, but my purchase of the shirt isn’t intended to support someone else’s choice to abort their child.

In the same way, if you’re choosing a video game that is fairly tame in comparison with many other games, and you’re choosing it in spite of its shortcomings, then it seems to me you have nothing to worry about.

Pokemon’s fine, Yu-Gi-Oh’s… iffy. The American version of the anime is decent, the Japanese is… pretty messed up. The card game is just that, a card game. I wouldn’t let a small child play it, but anyone teenager or up should be fine. Pokemon’s good for all age, imo.

As a college student, you’re fine.

Honestly, these days we are safest when we avoid any nearness to the occult. We open ourselves up to evil when the door needs closed and locked. If we love our Lord we must be willing to let go of our “attachments to sin or the near occasion of sin”…this is for our own good and those we love. I give this advise after reading several books by exorcists and those formerly involved in the occult…also some of our popes.

I will pray for you. I realize it may hard to let go. (This will tell you something if true)

P.S. Stay close to the sacraments. Confession at least once a month for general “health care”…spiritual health, of course:)

If there is occult traces found,
Do not play them.
There are DOZENS of good brilliant games without occult traces, like Super Mario, sonic the hedgehog, rahman, ratchet and clank, crash bandicoot, Jak and daxter,
None of these games are sinful

And yes you are right, a priest in the deliverance exorcism ministry in America found that a girl he needed to do exorcism on got possessed from Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, and Harry Potter,
It doesn’t happen to everyone but there ARE occult traces in those things
In Harry Potter divination is a subject, (which the Bible states is occult).

Also: the control of the character over the Pokemon or you gi oh monster, is along the lines of possession. The person controls a creatures movements.

I think I recall Fr Gabriel Amorthe the retired Head Exorcist of the Vatican, and International Founder and lifetime member of the International Association of Exorcists, saying that Pokemon and yu gi oh do have dangerous occult traces and not to use them

I myself too found through prayer and experience that yes those games are NOT OF GOD,
Stay Away from those games, there are MANY games with no occult traces,

:eek: What are the specific occult traces in Pokemon? I would like to know. Hubby has the Pokemon Y and I the X and we played it together during my pregnancy, but I fail to see what are the occult traces, although I must confess that during that time some evil came into someone’s mind and ruined myself to this day.

If those Exorcists said it, I won’t ever play/watch Pokemon again.

After reading this , I’m reluctant to play it. Better be safe than sorry.

That’s not a Catholic source.

I’ve played pokemon…never been possessed.

…You do realize that at the end, it reveals that the whole article was a parody, right?:stuck_out_tongue:

I know it’s important to avoid the near occasion of sin, but my problem is figuring out if these games would cause one to sin. The main arguments I’ve found are that since there are ‘monsters’ being controlled(even though in Pokemon, it’s a bond between human/'mon and yugioh is just a card game) that it would lead someone to accepting occultic practices in the future. I’m torn between thinking these games are inherently sinful to harmless in moderation. Thoughts?

I read online;

The maker of the Pokemon U. S. trading cards is the Seattle-based company, Wizards of the Coast, owner of the Dungeons and Dragons game and creator owner of a card game called Magic: The Gathering, which is played by an estimated 6 million people. Many of these preteens and teens are learned in the art of casting spells and summoning spirits. Hasbro, a toy company, bought Wizards of the Coast for $325 million. Nintendo introduced Pokemon to the children of America and spent $20 million on just the marketing. Nintendo has sold more than 14 million Pokemon-related video games according to a recent Family PC magazine review.¹ Wouldn’t it be fair to ask what the real motive is for distributing these games? Sales of the Pokemon products have reached the $1 billion mark for Nintendo.

Read online:

Children can receive demon spirits by opening themselves up to the spirits behind Pokemon. When it was first released in Japan in 1997, it was reported that over 600 children went into epileptic seizures while watching the Pokemon cartoons. ² The epileptic seizures were said to be caused by the incessant flashing lights in the cartoon overloading the optical nerves and inciting seizure; however, seizures can also be caused by demonic attack.

They must be dang dissapointed when they try casting magic missile in real life and nothing happens then. :wink:

It says online.that the creators of Pokemon created a game that is occult and that people need deliverance from:

(Straight Talk #38 - On Dungeons And Dragons - Revised)
The point to remember is that role-playing is a major and effective way to teach people new ways of thinking and acting. Characters may get to choose various magical tools: spells, charms, wands, talismans, potions - plus magical versions of most weapons. If you know the right technology (spell, ritual, incantation, etc.), the universe must respond. But it will also take you to hell faster than a greased demon on roller skates by committing spiritual suicide. Any serious sorcerer will tell you that magic can be as complicated or as simple as the magician wishes.
Folk magic is pretty simple and rustic. Ceremonial magic can be very high church with robes, incense and elaborate rites that can take weeks to complete. Witchcraft is somewhat in the middle, depending on the tradition you are working in. Finally, true hermetic magic involves little more than the human mind.
It is all in the intent - in the mind. When you consider how hard it is these days to find people (of any age) who have moral fiber, the situation becomes quite frightening. Remember, as a Christian, we are exhorted to bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5).
U.S. courts are increasingly reluctant to get involved on the side of people fighting the occult influences in our culture, in any way, shape or form. The vast proliferation of books, movies, video games and TV shows about witchcraft and sorcery is compelling. There are witch covens in every major city and in many minor ones! No child is safe at any time if you understand and believe in the Bible.
D " D problems can lead to demonic obsession, suicide attempts, and involvement in witchcraft or Satanism which are serious and indeed can be life-threatening. Make no mistake about it, magic and sorcery are spiritual. What most Christian gamers do not understand is that magic is a kind of spiritual lust.
Magic, at its root, is about power and rebellion. This is a game that envelops the player in an entirely different fantasy world in which the power of magic and violence is pervasive. It is a game with a distinct and seductive spiritual world view that is diametrically opposed to the Bible.

Says online

(Buying " Selling The Souls Of Our Children)
Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) is an immensely popular children’s role-playing game, television show and feature film. This game and others like it invites a demonic harasser to assault the children. Church kids are being taught vices of greed, violence and rebellion. Each Pokemon has different magical powers and fighting abilities. At the simplest level, Pokemon is about accumulation and acquiring power with the attributes of greed.
Pokemon can evolve into Pokegods. Pokemon promotes the belief that man can become like God. Children are programmed to accept occultic practices such as astro-projecting and soul exchanges. There are spirits of covetousness, greed and strife which leads to fighting. Children can unwittingly find themselves in a dangerous place as they become a channel for demonic activity.
Children use rage, poison, fire, etc.; send a curse of amnesia, confusion, paralysis or sleep; and use psychic powers such as hypnosis, mind reading, teleporting and inflicting headaches on others. It is common for children to have nightmares and wake up screaming in fear which may be caused by Pokemon paraphernalia in the bedroom. In Pokemon, the Cross Of Christ symbolizes weakness and defeat. Pokemon is rooted in Japanese culture and religious belief which are a form of nature worship. Players are encouraged to chant the names of their Pocket Monsters.
Hindu and Buddhist concepts of evolution and reincarnation are found in Pokemon. It reinforces the false theory of evolution taught in public schools. It employs sorcery with dangerous parallels between Pokemon and the occult. Children drive out evil spirits by the use of other evil spirits. Children can emotionally experience or simulate the role being played with possible personality changes causing self-exaltation, and greedy, combative and obsessive tendencies. Role-playing through gradualism to kill, poison, attack with rage, and destroy to the point they sear their conscience and dull their moral and spiritual sensitivity.
Children are channeling spirits when playing Pokemon. Evolution, reincarnation, sorcery and psychic power are blatantly promoted in Pokemon. Children are enticed to use rage to get what they want. Among the 151 species of Pokemon, 31 gain control by rage or fury, 21 gain control by slashing or stabbing, 12 are psychic and 65 use psychic energy to dominate others. Pokemon encourages children to defeat their opponents through deception, psychic energy and violence.
Children are encouraged to use the power listed on the cards. Some kids are stabbing, beating, and stealing in an addictive drive to collect the coveted cards. Players seek to increase their power base and rack up hit points denoted on each card. There are Basic, Evolution, Energy and Trainer cards. Elements of earth, fire, water, air and spirit are manipulated by the use of energy cards.
Other Games
Children are being lured into dabbling in the occult through role-playing games such as Pokemon, Digimon, Magic: The Gathering (considered the most popular game of the decade), andDungeons " Dragons which teach New Age and neo-paganism values. By concealing sorcery with cartoon characters, the enemy achieves his goals of deception. Pokemon and games that bear resemblance to it open demonic doors that can unleash spiritual attacks on the unsuspecting. They foster a sense of personal power and authority through identification with godlike superheroes. Consequences include insomnia, sleep disturbances, nightmares, annoying inner voices, reoccurring accidents, physical illnesses, memory lapses, family turmoils, financial problems, and generational curses. The lines between fantasy and reality are blurred. Enchanting role-playing games beguile children and confuse or desensitize parents.****

Wow, it says it online, it must be true therefore. :wink:

Dungeons and Dragons long predates Pokemon in any case and the whole D and D is evil stuff was done to death in the 1980s.

Er, CARM is also known for been robustly anti-Catholic so you will forgive me if I take anything from their site with not only a pinch of salt but a ton of the substance.

that was a specific episode of the cartoon…I remember reading about it. it was something in the animation that caused the seizures. I seriously doubt it was caused by a DEMONIC attack…seriously…?
“Dennō Senshi Porygon” (Episode 38)

(The pokemon game I play is the Nintendo portable games…never played the card game, as I am not interested. I play spontaneously on the 3DS game…haven’t even touched it lately…)

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