video game ratings

Excerpt from article in the Nat’l Catholic Register:

This process works most of the time, and major publishers do not attempt to deceive the rating board by hiding content. It’s a flawed system, but it usually works.
There are six ratings:

• EC (Early Childhood, age 3 and up)
• E (Everyone; no content worries)
• E10 (Age 10 and up; may contain cartoon or fantasy violence and some crude humor)
• T (Teen, age 13 and up; may contain violence, crude language, minimal blood, some sexual themes)
• M (Mature, 17 and up; intense violence, strong language, sexual content)
• AO (Adults Only, 18 and up; prolonged violence, strong sexual content)

Basically, E is rated “G,” E10 is “PG,” T is “PG-13” and sometimes “R,” M is always “R” and sometimes worse, and AO is “NC-17/X.”

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