Video Game Yanked for Being Offensive to Muslims

One of the fall’s most anticipated video games for the PlayStation 3, Sony’s “LittleBigPlanet,” had to be yanked from shelves at the last minute Monday because it might accidentally offend Muslims.

“One of the background music tracks that was licensed from a record label for use in the game contains two expressions that can be found in the Quran,” Sony said in a statement Monday. “We have taken immediate action to rectify this and we sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused.”

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A video game gets pulled because it may be offensive to a small group of strict Suni’s, but you can desecrate the Eucharist on U-Tube or make fun of the Church in TV and that is called artistic expression.

What about Grand Theft Auto that should be considered offensive to just about everyone? Shouldn’t they pull them from the shelves to take out the murdering and stealing?

Since 9/11/01, we’ve been bending over backwards not to “offend” those who support planes flying into our buildings and murdering our innocent citizens.

How much further must we bend before we break?

Yeap because all Muslims are the same evi child molestersl that hate freedom, am I right guys?

Muslim Group Opposes Little Big Planet’s Censorship

“…We [the AIFD] do not endorse any restriction whatsoever on the release of this videogame but would only ask those with concerns to simply choose not to buy it. We would hope that the producer’s decision not be made in any way out of fear but rather simply based upon freedom of expression and the free market.”

American Muslim Group Leader Slams Little Big Planet Recall

[Mohammed] defended the rights of his enemies to critique him in any way even if it was offensive to his own Islamic sensibilities or respect for Koranic scripture… To demand that [the game] be withdrawn is predicated on a society which gives theocrats who wish to control speech far more value than the central principle of freedom of expression upon which the very practice and freedom of religion is based.

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In all seriousness everyone on this board could learn from this group. EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD INCLUDEING ME!

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Funny that Little Big Planet is yanked from the shelves, yet Silent Hill - which includes pedophile rape - wasn’t.

In all honesty this things never made sense, if you ever saw the commentary on Spawn Tim McFarlen went into detail about how messed up the ratings system is.

Example: Movie with a school bus full of kids being blown up PG.

Movie with guys sitting in a graveyard at midnight chatting while drinking lemonaide with a rifle proped up against a tombstone in the background would be NC-17

Yes Tim actually pitched BOTH of these ideas.

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