Video games a sin?

is playing video games like call of duty a sin?

Well, you can guess that it is if you play excessively and/or you are simply addicted to it. An attachment to wordly things like that isn’t the healthiest thing to do… :shrug:

Well, first of all, it cannot be a mortal sin (at least for you), because you came here and asked this question. That means you lack sufficient knowledge for the act to be mortally sinful.

It could be venally sinful if you are using the game to vicariously satisfy a desire to do violence, and you gain satisfaction at the thought of actually being in the game and doing harm to others. This would be in the same category as someone using pornography to satisfy their lustful urges - they fantasize that they are “with” the person in the picture. To fantasize about doing wrong is sinful.

Playing the game for entertainment only has no sinful dimensions, presuming that someone is not playing to the neglect of other responsibilities.

Does this game seem to exalt violence? I know Pope Benedict called games like that a perversion:


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