Video games and game consoles from the library?

I read this in the news today.

Everything from Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 to PlayStation 3 games are in the Iowa City library’s new game catalog, which includes 75 titles and 50 more on the way, said Andrea Clinkenbeard, a librarian.

These popular new items were added Dec. 4 after library officials decided video games were as much a part of their young customers’ culture as the books, movies or computer games the library loans.

I guess I am just an old fuddy duddy, because this saddens me. I suppose anything which gets the kids in through the doors is a good thing, but will they actually pick up a book?

There are some parents who plunk their kids in front of a book the way other parents plunk their kids in front of the TV. I personally think that a parent should do things with their kids, rather than use things (books, TV, video games) as a babysitter. As a gamer myself, I love to hear about parents playing video games with their kids as much as I love to hear about them reading or watching TV with their kids and discussing it with their kids.

I would love it if our library got video games. They stock movies and CDs, not much of a stretch to get to video games.

I don’t video games are completely bad. There are a lot of family friendly games. I know several people who play video games with their kids.

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