Video Games here anyone?!


Hey, so I play a lot of video games and there is this thing called toxicity. I’m usually never toxic towards anyone ,but sometimes when someone takes me loot that I find I get mad and start calling them out. That turns into an arguement anyone here have a way to get a better temper?


I also love games and when that happens I usually attack them if pvp is on ahahah. However, I think the best thing to is to forgive them for taking your loot and to remember that it’s only a game and more loot will come soon


Yup, this.

Although personally, I don’t really play games that have much in the way of communication options anyway.


hehe ok ty.


Back when I played a lot of multiplayer games, if I found myself getting easily angered, I would take a break from the game. Generally that would last from 3 - 7 days.

Now I just tend to play local multiplayer. While that has nothing to do with anger issues (just not a huge fan of multiplayer in general), it’s a lot easier to remain civil when you know the people outside the game.

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