Video Games involving the super natural


If one loves video games in the horror genre, so much so that he/she even pretends to be in the game (these games can involve fictional demons) does this open up a door to the supernatural? This person wouldn’t actually be seeking out the supernatural, however.


Do you mean just being really immersed or cosplaying?


No, just imagining because of how cool it is. THough the person would never dabble with the supernatural.


Then I doubt it. Even in the examples I gave, I’d doubt anyone would be opening themselves up to demons. I can sort of see how it may come out of cosplaying if they took certain characters way too far, but beyond that, I don’t see it happening.

That said, I find the horror genre to be a bit of a weird one someone would get attached to like that. I can sort of understand RPGs, because they naturally lend themselves to that kind of imaginative thinking, but horror always struck me as the genre that keeps you up at night pondering your own evil and limitations. That may just be me, though.


I used daydream being in games and t.v. shows too, but not horror genres. If it is possible, I would try to find something else, but I am not entirely sure about the affects. Probably nothing too bad would happen.


So I guess the question is, how far is too far?


I guess when you start doing anything that might lead to demonic activity, such as practicing actual witchcraft. Most cosplayers, though, just dress up, take pictures, talk about the game, and maybe reenact scenes from the game in a humorous fashion.


Horror films are like my favourite genre, all my Netflix list is vampires, ghosts, werewolves lol. But I don’t celebrate Halloween :ghost: as a Catholic. I think if you just treat as entertainment and make sure you don’t invite in any evil spirits you will be ok


I don’t know about opening yourself up to the demonic, but fantasizing and daydreaming about being in a horror game doesn’t strike me as healthy from a psychological standpoint.


Slightly off topic, but this thread reminds me of the movie Stay Alive :slight_smile:


Depending on what it is, though, the existence of those three would make the original Toy Story seem more like a horror movie.

That said, I did like that Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines gave an attempt at being a horror-themed RPG. It’s just a shame that the ending is perhaps the worst I’ve ever seen.


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