Video games on Sunday

Are we allowed to play video games on Sunday even if its a neutral action? E,g just playing for the enjoyment of it, neither glorifying to God nor helps with charity of our neighbour

You may recreate on Sunday. Of course.

I will suggest that you STOP asking if X is a sin or if you can do Y on Sunday here on CAF, as has become your pattern. I see absolutely no progress in your ability to discern sin from ordinary activities.

I suggest that instead you have an actual conversation with your pastor so that he can help you understand the Catholic moral principles that underly the Ten Commandments and help you form your consciences appropriately and deal with any scruples you may be forming.

Instead of asking if X or Y is a sin, seek to understand the Third Commandment.

Avoid violent ones…

That should go for the other six days as well.

Well not necessarily.

Depends on what is meant…that is a judgment call.

I do not play the modern games (no system) - so I do not know what is all out there. But having seen some of the commercials - yes certainly some games at least are over the top.

Seconded. And it is not necessarily just a matter of study… There are other factors that make people ask these things obsessively.

Generally, any time something is a sin, someone like the OP will have NO QUESTION about it.


Why do you think violent video games should only be avoided on sundays?

When asking “what is a venial sin” one should
follow HIS OWN CONSCIENCE, whatever is
not of faith is sin TO HIMSELF. Rom. 14:23
It is best to NOT offend your conscience since
it invites the evil one to pierce your armor(breast-
plate of righteousness). see Gen.4:7 and Eph. 6:14

I noted that some should be avoided every day.

But which ones should only be avoided on sundays?
Do you have an example of a game that would be ok on Wednesday but contraband on Sunday?

Nope --as I mentioned I do not have much knowledge of games these days…only what I have seen advertised at times on tv or on a movie.

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