Video games

There are threads out there talking about is it wrong to play violent video games. Most the time the concern is on the violence. What is the Catholic position of playing like sports games? Is just the escape from reality sinful or is playing those kinds of ges just a hobby like anything else?

Catholics are not opposed to leisure or recreation. But at the same time, things like that aren’t supposed to take over your life or interfere with necessary work and prayer.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s a sin to play violent video games.

Games where there are impure content that can cause lust, on the other hand, should be avoided.

Lust is a real issue. Violence against fake computer people/pixels is not.

That’s how I see it. COD Black Ops all the way!

It depends on whether your devotion to gaming interferes with your life duties, including to God.


Someone should make God centric games… but unfortunately 9/10 things produced by/for christians are made by the scrupulous and extreme and we get ****** attempts at entertainment :frowning:

I see the killing and violence in video games on par with “evil thoughts”. You have to have these thoughts before you decide to “kill” “someone” in the game.

At worst, a venial sin. At best, an imperfection.

Lust, on the other hand…mortally sinful.

This is why my #1 favorite game is a drag racing game. Closed off roads, limited time race, safety features.

Video Games are an Art Form; they are a medium that can be used to tell a story or otherwise introduce someone to a new perspective.

Saying a Violent Video Game is sinful is like calling a Violent Movie or a Violent Book sinful.

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