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Does your faith affect the video games you buy?

I play Doom 3 and Halo (1+2) a lot for my xbox and so do my kids. Do you have video games and do you let your kids play them?


I let my boy stick to mostly racing games. He’s only 5 though.

I think the age ratings are a good guide, of course that’d depend on the maturity level of the child.


I play computer games.
There are lots of games I wouldn’t consider playing.
(Not always for reasons of faith.)
Fortunately there are plenty left that I would play. :slight_smile:


11-year-old used to play Black, Jedi, other games, on his uncle’s computer…X-Box since he was about 10.

We officially pulled the plug about a month ago when I sat through one of the Black sessions.

Bothered my soul.

We originally let him play so that he wouldn’t be the “stupid” kid.

Looks like we were stupid.



Since I don’t know much about video games, I pretty much go by the age ratings. My kids aren’t allowed to own “M” rated games.

Some of their friends have a more liberal policy at their homes regarding games (and movies). So all I can do is to be sure that our kids understand our values and ask them to respect them. Their friends are good kids and not troublemakers in any way, so I don’t forbid my kids to go to their homes (besides we live in a very rural area and there are only a few kids nearby to hang with), but I just keep my eyes and ears open and don’t allow the “M” or worse games in my house.

I was so impressed by a little friend of my youngest son’s who would come over to play. She was so open and honest and would let us know what she could not see- (she wasn’t allowed to watch “Rugrats” and some other things that my kids watched all the time-). I told her mother that she should be very proud of her little girl. It would be so easy for the child to “get away” with something when her mom couldn’t see.

I can only hope that my kids would have the same respect, but then again I’m not totally blind to reality…:rolleyes:


i’m a sucker for flight sims.

X-Plane by Laminar Research is by far and away my favorite.

If i had actual credit for time flown on that program, i’d be a commercial pilot by now.

IMHO, microsoft products are junk compared to to TLC the author of this program has spent on this. (plus, if you have a problem of any sort, the programmer who made the sim IS the tech support)

our Kid will never touch a computer game or playstation type game. children should be getting scraped knees outside and worrying about oiling up their new baseball glove. not x-box.


I’m a fairly big gamer. Pretty much everything that’s out I’ve played at one time or another. Granted, I’m 19 and have no children, so I don’t pay too much attention to the ratings system.

Ironically, my roommate and I have had a recent fascination with the old mario games. In a lot of ways, they are more fun than the ones out now.

I’m kind of interested in things like guitar hero and the new game called “Bully” that’s coming out soon.

In terms of faith, I don’t normally even think about it, mostly because I don’t put a huge emphasis on games in how they affect my decisions in the real world.


I play a lot of Quake 3 and 4. Call of Duty 2 and war games, I know it’s not real so it really doesn’t bother me to much.


I think that video games are fine but within limitations. I really think it is case by case. However, I will not buy anything produced by Rockstar games.


My husband and kids all love video games. We look into every game they want and choose the appropriate ones for them (different kids, different ages=different games). The problem I have is that my step daughter is totally addicted to video games. If she isn’t playing with the console, she is playing on her game boy advance. When I get really annoyed and hide it or take it away from her, she picks up the TV remote and presses buttons like she is playing. This is obsessive as far as I am concerned and I know when she is at home at her mom’s house, she plays non-stop, but I simply can’t tolerate it!


You mean you don’t buy games that glorify the drug, prostitution, and mob trades? What’s so wrong with that? :wink:

I play those games, but I can COMPLETELY understand someone who doesn’t want to buy games that fund the GTA series…

Although their recent Table Tennis for the 360 looks fairly harmless, unless a nude patch came out recently :smiley:


My faith definitely affects how I buy games. My, how the selection has gotten small. :wink:

I refuse to buy games with foul language, excessive violence, crude humor, immodesty, etc. Why those things are so needed in video games, I’ll never understand. :rolleyes:


I more or less use the same criteria for games as I would for movies and other entertainment – for me and my kids (though they have not started yet.) For me=nothing pornographic; for my kids=age appropriate and for everyone =don’t play too much. I don’t have time anyway --I just recently quit World of Warcraft – those MMORPGs just take too much time away from real life. I would also avoid any game that required the player engage in any form of worship of deities. I don’t feel that is right to have in a game.


I think that every game publisher has an offensive game or two. Rockstar just seems to focus on offensive stuff and then wants to act like it didn’t really write some of the most offensive code.


MMORPG’s can definitley be a bad thing for the main fact that you spend so much time of your life on them. One of my friends logged 1 month and 2 days on a MMORPG in just 4 months. I was very in to them until one day I just thought how much of my life was wasting away at no purpose what so ever. I now only play really any video games when I am with friends(just a few rounds of a game or something) which I think is fine because they give you a socialization aspect. Violence is a problem in the fact that it desensitizes children really but movies with violence IMO have a more profound affect on children because it is actual people.


Horde 4 life.


Ha! Yea I was horde too :slight_smile:

May reactivate soon – kind of bored of other games now. Just have to watch how much I play.


Games, a subject near and dear to my heart…

I have to agree about MMORPG’s. Big waste of time, get off your tail and do something with your real life instead of living a virtual one. (I played Warcrack for 4-5 months, so I know how much it cut into my time)

I’ve played the GTA games and I still think San Andreas is a gaming masterpiece. There were a few parts I considered objectionable, but it’s generally an over the top parody – not for children, but not dark, either…I felt far more bothered by a few movies I’ve watched lately (“Sin City,” for one…very dark movie; “Domino,” for another) than I ever have by any video game I’ve played. Frankly, I tend to watch very few movies and TV shows now for that reason.

Mostly, I tend to play Civ 4 or Rome: Total War when I want to wind down at the end of the day and reading is too much of an effort.



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