VIDEO: How long does a pro-traditional marriage sign last on Catholic campuses? About 5 minutes

“It was a novel concept: Put up signs that state “God’s Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman” on a Catholic university campus and see how long they last.”…

“At every single campus, the signs were quickly removed, trashed or vandalized — literally within minutes.”

I wonder what would have happened if the signs had read “Catholic marriages are a beautiful thing” with a link to an apostolate that provides information on sacramental marriage.


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Not all who claim to be Christian are actually Christians.
Hence the concept of the visible and invisible Church.

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A related question, how long does a Catholic last on a Catholic campus? Not long I suspect.

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Depends on a number of things, not the least of which is the nature of the school. Some really are Catholic and some are not.

But the story with these signs doesn’t really tell us what the whole student body is like; only that the liberal radicals are more given to destructiveness than those who aren’t liberal radicals.


I wonder what would happen if Catholic universities actually taught Catholic values.

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My suggestion for a sign also teaches Catholic values. Audience awareness – in writing, speaking, marketing, etc. – is important. Unless, of course, one just wants to be right instead of persuading others to accept Catholic teaching.

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That’s so kind, @dvdjs. But don’t tempt me. I try to stay away from this part of CAF to keep my sanity intact. You’re braver than I.

Yes, God forbid we should be right about anything the Catholic Church teaches on a supposedly Catholic campus.

Looks like you didn’t understand a word I said.


Many Catholics today believe in SS marriage. For example, there is a Roman Catholic college in Worcester, MA, College of the Holy Cross, which publishes a magazine called “Holy Cross”. In the magazine, there is a page called “Milestones” where they congratulate graduates of the college on wedding or other special events. Pictures of the event are published. In the last few issues, they have congratulated SS couples on their marriages.

I’m guessing most are beyond recovery. Most, I think, are just secular universities purporting to have Catholic “traditions”. I think some really are Catholic, though.

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For those who felt the need to destroy or remove the signs;

3 Hail Marys
3 Our Fathers
3 Glory Bes

No, I get it very well.

Um, no. Respectfully, you don’t.

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Agreed. Honestly, I hate these kind of signs when I’m out trying to cut grass. They’re annoying! From a maintenance perspective, I’d throw every sign out.

It is fascinating to get a sense here what some people think are Catholic values.
I wonder if this is an Eastern v. Western thing, or just a function of the people who post here.

The Russian Orthodox Church is an Eastern Church, supported by President Vladimir Putin, and it has experienced enormous growth in the past 25 years or so.

I am not sure what you are talking about.

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