Video i made, and suggestions for internet show

I’m sure some of you seen some internet review shows, ive been really wanting to get into that action and express my “artistic” side. ive actually made some video and posted them here before. Now though i really been wanting to see if i can make this a regular thing. i originally planed to make it secular, but i figure if im going to fail then i might as well fail waving my flag.

heres my most recent video

i would love to hear any comments. and also any suggestions for this little internet show ive been wanting to do.


I enjoyed the review, I thought it was funny! Some suggestions I would make is for you to get some better lighting when you’re talking straight to the camera. Other than that I think that content, opinion and visuals are good.

Keep up the good work!

Very good. The beginning was very good. You explained it all in grave detail… Great review! I subscribed for more to come. :thumbsup:

well thank you. though im not going to release anything publicly until i have a good number of videos. but i am using Godtube as a “test audience”, heres the link. but most of my videos are taken down atm cause i got banned from Godtube for censor bleeps and the word hell. but i have youtube links on my Godtube profile for all of my videos.

fair warning, the rest is not as good as this video.

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