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WOW. *Just… WOW.

From 2012.

I am not sure how to get hold of any of these good people, I’d be happy to come to celebrate Holy Mass in that chapel – of course with the necessary recognition of the diocese – in the older form, as this church was built to house. It would be my pleasure.

WATCH: A Man Dying Of Cancer Walks Into An Abandoned Church, And Finds An Unexpected Miracle.

Between Greg Thomas’s amazing journey to remission and the church being restored to the delight of the surrounding community, this really is a feel good story all around.

The restored church is situated in rural Minnesota, and beyond being just beautiful, it has become the site for many new memories. After Thomas’s restoration was completed, he entered the church not as a handyman, but as a wedding guest. His good friend and his friend’s fiancé became the first couple to get married in the church in decades.

Even more exciting, two filmmakers found the church and used it as a filming location for their film “Memorial Day”, which tells the story of a soldier and his grandfather, a WWII vet. Thomas even had a small role in the film!

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What a beautiful story, beautiful video.:thumbsup: Lovely Church. The best line is at the end of the video.
This man has stage 4 cancer, on a feeding tube & is now in remission. It is nice to hear of him being in remission & the chapel being restored. Thanks be to God!

It is a must see! But, a warning, you might shed a tear or two…




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Thank you for this. God bless this man.






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