Video of a Traditional Latin Mass

I came across this on Youtube. Its from a mass in Chicago circa 1941. Narrated by Fulton Sheen. I think its beautiful, I need to find a latin mass church somewhere.

Yes, that was posted in the Liturgy and Sacraments forum before the Crash. It’s one of my favorites- too bad it isnt complete though.

Would you happen to know of a complete one Caesar? It would be irritating to watch an incomplete Mass rather than a full one.

I havent been able to find the full version yet.

I emailed the person who posted this video though, and they said that they want to post the full version on Google soon.

It only misses part of the gloria, the offeratory and a couple other parts. The main stuff is still there.

How about a link to a Solemn High Ambrosian Rite Mass?! :thumbsup:

Here are links to some FSSP videos of masses! Just search around and you’ll find a bunch of stuff.

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