Video of Cardinals not shaking Pope Benedict's hand


Here is a video of cardinals (starts with the 4th guy in line who takes a step back) refusing to shake Pope Benedict’s hand when he was still Pope. I feel very sorry for him as I watch this. If this is how they treated him when cameras were rolling, how did they treat him behind closed doors?

Do you remember seeing this video before his resignation? Why do you think they won’t shake his hand? Does disagreement over Benedict’s theology warrant this level of disrespect?

I linked to the start of the actual video itself at the 1:45 mark.


Sad…very sad…I really loved Pope Benedict XVI.


Before you accept the story as told by this YouTube video, check here for another view of the event from the Vatican Insider:

The Soviet Union is dead and buried but part of that world is still alive. Certain attitudes in particular. This is because as the late Fr. Józef Tischner, a chaplain and Solidarnosk theorist said, the “homo sovieticus” is a diehard. Not just on the other side of the former iron curtain but on our turf as well.

The story about bishops apparently refusing to shake Ratzinger’s hand during one of his visits to Germany, reminds me of one of the so-called Radio Yerevan jokes. These are short stories based on questions and answers exchanged between listeners and the imaginary Armenian capital-based radio station. Here is an example: “Is it true they’re giving out free Mercs in Moscow’s Red Square? – It’s absolutely true, but allow us to make one small clarification: they’re not being given out, they’re being stolen.”

The little story about the Mercedes cars is very similar to the one about the bishops apparently not shaking Ratzinger’s hand when he was Pope. The story has been going round on Facebook and YouTube. A scene broadcast on Polish television during Benedict XVI’s visit to Germany on 22 September 2011, shows Pope Benedict XVI with a group of bishops who are “stepping back, refusing to shake his hand.” Is this true? The internauts ask themselves in amazement. “Of course it is,” they are told by those who have uploaded the video, acting just like Radio Yereva did. But this is not the case at all. Because what is lacking are those small clarifications that change the meaning of the tale the Soviets believed.

As was confirmed, the Pope was not stretching his hand out to the prelates but was introducing them to the German president. If the bishops were going to shake someone’s hand it was the president’s, not Benedict XVI’s. As Italian news agency AGI rightly reports, the bishops in the video (produced by the Vatican Television Centre, not by the Polish television station) were not snubbing Pope Benedict at all” because during that part of the ceremony they were supposed to shake the German president’s hand; so it was the prelates who shook the Pope’s hand who made a mistake, not those who “refused” to shake his hand. The “homo sovieticus” strikes again.

Now watch the OP video again with the expectation that the Pope is “presenting” the German Bishops to the German President, and see how different it looks.

And you can read this too. And this.


Thank you for this, Leaf! That really helps.


Hi Leaf, I just read the articles on the links you provided. Thank you for pointing me to their explanation, I found it interesting. I didn’t know that there had been an official response to this.

The only question I have left is - this isn’t the first time a pope has introduced someone to his bishops and cardinals, so why all the confusion and non-uniformity in how to respond to the situation? These men are steeped in protocol. Hopefully after this they received a refresher course or instruction because the optics aren’t good either way.


Having participated in multiple official ceremonies of a different type myself, I can say that although you might do the same type of ceremony many, many times, the details are always different. If such things are not talked about or rehearsed beforehand, it is easy to do the wrong thing without meaning to. But at that point it’s too late and everybody just has to roll with it. This is even more true for high ranking people as their schedules are usually planned to the minute and so many times they are just acting out whatever their aides tell them to with no real context.


Who is Mauricio Perez? It looked like some were reaching out and shook the Pope’s hand and some didn’t even look him in the eye, but looked down.


My goodness , Pope Benedict was conducting introductions. Can these two youtubers get something more wrong.


Please just read the links I posted. The Vatican has debunked this viral hoax. Stop trusting this fake news site. They have conditioned you to see what they wanted you to see.


Who are these youtubers and why are people following them


I did read the links. I asked who Mauricio
Perez is?


I have no idea.


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