Video of the last mass of St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) (1968)



This video has over a million views.

Padre Pio was one of the greatest saints of the Twentieth Century. “Known for his deep devotion to Christ, holiness, and wise counseling, he was also a wonderworker, with reports of healing, soul-reading, stigmata, levitation, and even bi-location.”

He was a priest of the Capuchin order. Very many people wanted to come to his masses.

“He was supposed to offer a Solemn Mass the next day for pilgrims but asked his superior if he could do simply a Low Mass. Though his superior initially granted his request, the huge crowd of pilgrims who had come led him to change his mind.”

“Weak and fragile, Padre Pio offered a Solemn Mass” After this, he died.
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