Video on Chastity by Pam Stenzel- heard of it or her?

Has anybody seen a video by a woman named Pam Stenzel? It’s called “no screwing around”. The youth director in my friend’s parish is going to show it to his jr. high kids (6th -8th graders).

I’ve never heard of her but supposedly she’s a popular chastity speaker. Anyone know anything about her or the video and its appropriateness for this age? The title caught me a little off guard for a Christian message, but supposedly it is.

That’s not title I’m familiar with. The one I know is Sex, Love and Relationships and it’s very good in my opinion.

It could be it’s having to speak bluntly and to the point in terms the target audience knows.

There are many teens–and younger, even–who think that oral and even anal sex simply are not real sex.

You’d be surprised the number of adults even who don’t know the anatomical and clinical terms for some things.

The youth director at your friend’s parish should be using CATHOLIC resources. Pam Stenzel is a good speaker, but, she is not Catholic.

If the Catholic Church had no Chastity speakers, we’d need to go out and ask a Protestant to come in. Thing is, we have the best and they are faithful to the Church.

Send this youth director to resources like the above link for the Pure Love Club, Christopher West’s work, Dr Ray does work with teens, the work at - have your friend insist her Catholic kids be taught by Catholics.

Funny, I saw Pam Stenzel on EWTN.

Pam’s mother was raped…she got pregant, decided to have the baby, and then gave her up for adoption. She is prolife and has a very good message, even if she is not Catholic. (People other than Catholics can be prolife and pro-chastity!):cool:

EWTN is different than a local parish youth group.

Yes, she is a good speaker.

Kids in local parishes need to be taught first and foremost by Catholics. If Catholic teaching is not important for our kids, let’s just send them up to First Mega Church youth group.

You can view many clips of Pam’s talks on you tube:
Sex STILL has a Price Tag

I would agree with another poster that the Theology of the Body materials are excellent; they not only give the Catholic perspective, but a very reasonable basis for revering the human body as God’s creation, worthy of respect in every way, and designed not to be abused for our own selfish purpose, but to give Life. It explains why same-sex relationships cannot be the same as marriage; they cannot bring forth Life, just as married couples who contracept are really not married (as God intended).

Theology of the Body for Teens is wonderful.

Theology of His Body and Theology of Her Body is a book that I would also recommend.

God bless,

“but Pam, we love each other!”

You’ll have to have seen it. :slight_smile:


“But pam it was an accident…”

No it wasn’t!
If it was an accident you would have gone outside naked and then a jogger comes by naked and BOOM!
That would be an accident!"

I have used her earlier video, have not heard of this new title, and it is very good, but not for Jr. High, we use it in 9th grade, as part of wider teaching on the commandments and vocations, and after preview and sign-off by the parents. It is straight talk on pregnancy, STDs and chastity.

the Jr. high program we use is Love and Life from Ignatius Press, which has recently been updated. the “biology” part is in a supplement for parents to use at home, not part of the presentation to the kids.

I must add that some of the parents and catechists disagree, and in view of the fact that peak age in this county for teen pregnancy is 8th grade, that we should do the presentation much earlier. We are still discerning this and I think we will go the route of parent education first. (which leaves unaddressed children whose parents have little or no involvement in their lives and upbringing).

Kage I was just listening to one of the clips on youtube and Pam talks having sex outside the **sacrament of marriage and the sacrament **of reconciliation . What denomination is she?

From what I saw she don’t seem to be Catholic. She has a great message and delivery and while I did not see all of her talks she doesn’t seem to have a message about the graces of chastity nor did she talk about what a mortal sin premarital sex is. Her message to me seems to be on the dangers of premarital sex for teens and younger people. She seems to sprinkle in all the scare tactics about diseases, pregnancy, abortion and stuff. I think one thing missing in her message is how to prevent the temptation of sex through prayer and grace. I’m basing this on a couple of clips I’ve watched on youtube. She may have this message. JMHO

If she is Catholic, she is deep under cover. Not one article, website, blurb mentions her as Catholic. Her web site says nothing about it.

She graduated from Lynchburg, VA - not a Catholic school, there are a few under cover Catholics who attend there.

as with all such presentations I advise the parent, the youth leader, catechist or pastor to view the entire video or presentation, and all the written material that comes with it, for content, delivery and age-appropriateness before using it under parish auspices. trying to judge on the basis of the person’s reputation, credentials, publisher etc. is useless unless you watch the presentation itself.

yes i have. i have seen her on christian television. she is a dynamic speaker and has
a great gift of speaking to young people about chastity and their need for a personal
relationship with Jesus. you can google her by name and see some short videos with
her on it. i have watched her several times. pray for her and everyone who tries to get
to our children with the message of redemption and purity.

Yes, I have seen Pam Stenzel in person. Heard her talk to a church group one time. She has a very powerful message for kids, talks on their level about the risks of sexual activity outside the design God has give us, for our own happiness and health.
I have a 12 year old daughter and she is in a Catholic school now, but all prior years was homeschooled and then in a protestant Christian school. I know, just from what she has told me, in her sheltered life, that Pam doesn’t say anything that the kids haven’t heard about sex. Well, no that’s not true. She tells them the truth about the sexually transmitted diseases that are out there. The real danger of getting your heart broken, and that it’s normal to have feelings for someone that you engange in intimate behavior with. The kids now, just call it “hooking up.” They have sex for fun and wonder why they feel sad when they connect with that person, and feel bad about it later. They are confused , not knowing that is a normal part of human relationships. She does a good job of speaking their language. She has to be “in their face” because children’s brains do not develop the part that has the fear, and ability to relate cause and effect, and understand how their actions have impact on their futures, until they are around 20 years of age, or older.

Pam Stenzel is Catholic. She converted to Catholicism a few years primarily due to the Church teachings on the Theology of the Body and its leadership within the pro-life cause.

Then she is deeeeepppp undercover as a Catholic. Not a word, not a peep on her website or any of her publicity info.

Encourage her to make this public!

Where did you learn this? I haven’t been able to find any info.

Wonder if she’s on Facebook? wonder if she lists herself as Catholic? :slight_smile:

She said she converted to Catholicism during a talk to teens and parents. This talk was at a Catholic church. I think she does not mention it on her website etc… since she does not want to deter public schools and other secular institutions from asking her to speak. She apparently has a speech that she gives in public schools where she can’t reference God.

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