Video on how to find light during times of scandal in the Church


Hi everyone! Jeff Kassab, a subdeacon from my Church just made this video about finding light in these dark times. He has a BA in Pastoral Theology, and it’s an excellent video. It’s only a few minutes long and definitely worth a watch!

Edit: His account is @jak48071!


I would suggest we can all “find the light” without having to watch a video, simply by going to Mass and receiving Jesus.

Works for me anyway.


Amen Bear. I have been finding the light in Adoration. Oh have I been finding the light!



Of course we can find the light by going to Mass and receiving Jesus! This video isn’t against that whatsoever. God bless!


I didn’t mean to say it’s a bad video. Just offering a thought on the most basic way.

Videos and apologists are good for additional ideas once we have the basics covered.

God bless you too.


Amen!! I made the video only because sometimes many of us are in darkness and cannot find the light and Jesus gives us That assurance in scripture…God bless


It seems I misunderstood you! Sorry about that. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when communicating online :/.


I will be watching your video. Let me share my “light” story. I am no theologian. I hold no ministry degrees or anything of the sort. I am just an old man doing the best he can and getting up when I fall. I fall a lot. Anyway, about a month ago I started going to adoration. Thursday after reading the Grand Jury news from Pennsylvania I went to adoration. I opened in silent prayer, then offered the Divine Mercy Chaplet for those involved. When I finished that, I began reading St. Faustina’s diary. I looked up briefly, and across the ceiling, coming from the stained glass windows on the west side of the church, we’re two expanding rays of light. One pale red, and one pale blue. As the rays of light spread, the landed directly on, and illuminated the confessional. Was it a message or a coincidence? I know what I think it was.

Edit: I just watched your video. Well done. The Divine Mercy image on the wall behind you has chills running up my spine.


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