Video Parody of the Gay Movement

Currently no one in my parish wants in on this little project, but I’m still trying to get recruits. So here’s my idea:

Me and some ten or so people would make a video - or video series, if need be - that would parody the gay movement by demanding PWDs (people with disabilities) to have the right to marry.

We’ll do mock protests outside of the church, holding up signs that say things like “The Disabled Are People Too”, “Down With PWDphobia” and “God Dosen’t Hate People With Disabilities.”

We’ll also go to City Hill and make presentations for the right to marry, “uncovering” the super secret anti-PWD agenda of the government and the Church and trying to recruit people to join our cause.

I’m sure to have more ideas as I go along, and you can throw out your own ideas too. I just hope this parody will come to light.

I am somewhat confused. Are you claiming that PWD’s don’t have the right to marry? If so you are incorrect. There are restrictions in regard to those not mentally capable in giving consent or understanding the meaning of a marriage and their license application might well be challenged but that is a competency issue, not a physical one as would be implied by the PWD regulations.

I too am against same sex ‘marriage’ since I see that as a contradiction to biblical standards. But to somehow equate that to those with disabilities as a parody seems to be a bit cruel.

If you wish to do a parody please understand that it should be in relationship to that which are addressing. And beware that you will of course be accused of not being ‘Politically Correct’ and deemed a hate monger. That is a common tactic of the homosexuals and their allies.

How about doing a parody on abortion. Plenty of info about that murderous practice and just today more about the Planned Parenthood nurse in Ind. who was suspended for telling a person she thought was a 13yr old child not to admit her age or the age of the person who was alleged to be the father. A sting operation but it showed exactly the position of Planned Parenthood for all to see.


I don’t get it. Sounds pretty lame.

Parodies are supposed to be humorous or burlesquish. Because the humor stems from poking fun at another group, it’s always one of those guilty pleasures I have when I laugh at them. If the parody is done really well, it pokes fun without insulting the source, it almost honors it by targeting it (i.e. Fey/Palin).

What you propose appears to intentionally insult the gay community for something that means a lot to them in order to convey a Christian truth. It just doesn’t seem to be Christian-like to do something like that in order to get a Christian message out. It’s stooping to a lower level that is beneath Christian dignity, imo.

Hmm, yeah I don’t think that would be a good idea.

Maybe just pray some rosaries for them? :smiley:

I can’t see any value in this. Holding the handicapped up to ridicule, for wanting to do something they already have both the legal and moral right to do?

That would be extremely counter-productive. We Christians are already falsely labeled as homophobes, and you want to add PWD phobia to that list?

Not a good idea, kiddo.

Glorify God!


As a disabled person who’s also bicelibate, I find this parody doubly disgusting. Please stop giving people outside the Church reasons to brand the Church as homophobic.

Alright, I’m all for seeing every side of the coin, but I think this is just plain cruel and uncalled for. It’s sort of like in politics when I see a slew of negativity-inspired campaign ads and jerk-ish behavior, I want to vote for the opposing candidate.

I don’t know if God recognizes a homosexual union as a legitimate marriage (and I would have reasons to believe He does not, since no procreation can naturally occur from it and it defies the institution that has been in place for thousands of years), BUT I don’t think it’s right to go around insulting gay people like that or dragging the handicapped into it.

Unfortunately, our definition of marriage as Catholics is quite a bit different than the current secular one. To many, marriage is a legal contract and nothing more. I will probably get some flack for this, but going by the legal definition, I don’t even oppose gay marriage. Since there is a separation of church and state, no church will ever be obligated to grant a union to two people of the same sex, anyway. :smiley: We can take our CHURCH marriage seriously (the only one valid in the Lord’s eyes, anyway) and they can have their justice-of-the-peace thing. Everybody wins.

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