Video purports to show Texas judge beating daughter

The subject of child abuse is not a laughing matter, and it continues to disturb me how it is treated as such around here.

I don’t care if they ban me, a ton of users have been banned from the site. I do care, when possible, to speak up against those who harm the helpless.

Don’t ask me, ask Jesus. What are the 2 greatest commandments?

Agreed. So why can’t you admit it?

Admit what? That there are differences in degree? I have.

You say “agreed”, but you only seem to recognize the difference in degree, and not the importance of what kind of act something is.

But that doesn’t matter, for the last time, we are called to avoid ALL sin, not seek out some particular reduced “degree” of sin. Assault is assault and abuse is abuse, degree notwithstanding.

Agreed, you calling a vicious assault on a disabled child the same as an unruly child getting a spank certainly does diminish the meaning of child abuse.

Having worked with abused children for years I can tell that you have no idea what you are talking about.

I said they are THE SAME SIN!

It is sinful!!! We are called to repent from all sin!

Instead of ignoring this story, why can we not HONOR the story and use it as a call to repentance? It can cause us to reflect on our own sins, right? But I know, that is uncomfortable for people!

So beating on a child is not sinful if only a “reasonable” amount of pain is inflicted? But all of the sudden it’s sinful just because it increased in degree? Sorry, I disagree…

Mark 12:30-31

Honor? Your posts are going from absurd to unhinged.

Call me unhinged, fine, yeah, I’m crazy, right? I’m not the one that’s hitting helpless children here!!!

Neither are we.

By your logic though it would be safe to presume that you avoid drinking water because drinking poisons that would kill you would be a sin.

I’m done with this conversation. I’m going to say a prayer for you and all the children out there that are going to be hit and smacked tonight. Lord have mercy on us all.

Watch out for that water…

Being a child who was spanked, and now a father that has spanked from time to time, I heartily disagree with you and I find your drivel laughable at best, (though it really isn’t funny.)

That being said, I don’t even know how to being a conversation on this topic with a person who cannot tell the difference between assault and spanking. :frowning:

Don’t bother. She’ll keep typing in all caps to show you a thing or two.

I’ll pray for you.

Ditto, except for I’m a mother.

I was spanked several times in my life, and I can tell you after watching the video, spanking is nothing like this, and by the age 16 I don’t think spanking should even be acceptable.

This video was clear-cut child abuse to me, and the father seemed like he enjoyed beating the crude out of his daughter.

Exactly. This has NOTHING to do with spanking.

It appears to me that some people like to take the contrary point of view no matter what the argument. I don’t understand how that father is not being arrested. I don’t care what political affiliation he has. He is a monster that seems to get off on beating his daughter. I also read the article at the Huffington Post and the wife has spoken up to say she was ashamed to have aquiesced to her demented husband.
Why anyone would argue with the poster who is upset by this is truly baffling to me.

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