Video revelation the bride,, the beast & babylon

I’ve been shown the video Revelation the bride, the beast & babylon. I have Catholic friends believing that every thing in the video is true and now they are confused. Does Catholic Answers have a video refuting what they call is the truth?

Dr. Casey has his personal opinions but always goes according to the Catholic Church’s teachings.

First of all commentary and speculative discernment of the book of Revelation is incredibly difficult. And any one who says that they have the "undeniable " truth is a complete liar.
The Early Church Fathers , found Revelation difficult and the difficulty of that book has not changed. In the past scholars thought of Revelation as a book of Prophecy. Most scholars,now, don’t . Some think it’s a poetic take on the early church and some of the rough times it was going through.Who really knows. I think more research of time and place , and some good archaeological insights might get us closer to it’s meaning.
The one thing that it’s not supposed be done with it is take it literally. And not with one meaning only. The symbolism of the woman is not a only symbolism of Mary but of Israel. But Mary and Israel are often symbolized together.
Church Fathers very early on saw the whore of Babylon and the seven hills mentioned, as symbolic of Imperial Rome . A Very logical, sensible interpretation. That was until 1500 years later when the reformation happened. Then it became propaganda. It got really ugly and if you look into the drawings of Albrecht Durer (spelling) of the time period , you can see a very clever twist in propaganda being made. The Early church fathers wisdom , ignored and the connection of the whore and anti Christ.
( which is a huge thing among most evangelicals, and is only mentioned two or three times in the bible, not all in revelation.) So acquainting the pope to the Anti Christ was a great piece propaganda that has stuck throughout the centuries . It’s effective because it has a memorable connections a great title, and a static sensibility. It has been reiterated over and over so many times that people don’t think about it, don’t try to discover on their own but simply make it gospel, and unquestioningly repeat it.
It’s all rather annoying, simplistic and ignorant to be grilled by 16th century poison.
Because of it’s nebulous nature, you can read anything into everything in Revelation. Because of speculative and occult meaning thought to be embedded in Revelation ,some ECF thought Rev.could be dangerous because everything can be misconstrued !
There are many Catholic Apologists who can easily dismantle this idiocy. Currie has a good book on the subject. I just wanted to give you some background.

OY! Is all I can say.I’ve seen this weirdness by Catholics only in the last few years. I can only think that this fallout from ubiquitous evangelicals.
Again the pictures he has placed as proof are biological events that have happened throughout history. The idea that because you’ve not seen it , it couldn’t have happened, or this is the first time.! These are natural events which I think might be happening more frequently because of the screwing up of nature.

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