VIDEO: Sacred Heart Parish/Lombard, IL History (Our Generations Gift)



Nice job, whoever did it.


Beautiful video. We are in phase 2 of our capital campaign. We completed construction on our new school and have now started remodeling the old school into parish offices. We had a consolidation about 5 years ago, one of our churches was closed and the schools consolidated. Many hurt feelings occurred when this happened and we had a division between us. Our campaign was called becoming one, it was a lot of work but we completed our goal of 4.1 million dollars. Of the 1800 families in our parish 2/3 of them have contributed to the project. We were very blessed to have a very generous parish in years past who provided us with an absolutely beautiful church. I was very touched by your video. May your parish family come togethar and provide for future generations to come, may God bless you project with unimaginable success.


Thanks for the kind words all…

My company, The Novus Group, produced this video for Sacred Heart Parish. The campaign is going well and the video has inspired people. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

If your parish is ever looking for fundraising or marketing assistance, please feel free to contact me. We are always looking for new clients. The reason your parish should work with the Novus Group??? Because we view our work as a part of the New Evangelization (hence the name), and we understand that it’s not about raising money, it’s about giving glory to God.

We’re a new company and our website should be up in a week or two. You can view it at

God bless!



I hope that the Adoration Chapel is worked on first. The current one is beautiful but crowded most of the time.


That is the plan!


Should I hear of anybody in the greater Chicago area ever needing such services, or the general world if you are used to Internet work (duh on me!), I will refer you. This was a really nice job!



I agree with you. Having a new Adoration Chapel should be our greatest need right now. It will be great to be able to fit an entire classroom into the new Adoration Chapel. I can’t wait until it’s done.



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